How to Save Money With a Credit Card Balance Transfer

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Would you like to know how a credit card balance transfer can save you hundreds of dollars from your credit card bills? Do you currently have trouble keeping up with your credit card balances? If yes, then a balance transfer may just be what you need.

Getting a Balance Transfer Credit Card

What is a Balance Transfer credit card and how is it different from standard credit cards in the market? If you try to shop around for credit cards, you?ll notice that some credit cards offer 0% APR as part of their introductory offer. The 0% interest rate will usually apply on purchases but if you take a look closely at your choices, you?ll find credit cards that offer 0% rate on balance transfers. If you?re lucky, you can even find a credit card that offers 0% APR for both purchases and balance transfers.

Why should you take advantage of 0% balance transfer credit cards? Carrying over your balances with each billing cycle increases your debt due to additional interest fees. With balance transfer credit card, you can focus on paying your original charges without the interest. Do the math, and you?ll realize how much you can save from the interest rates alone on your existing balances.

Finding the Right Balance Transfer Credit Card

Does this mean that all balance transfer credit cards are right for you? Take note that different credit card issuers also provide a variety of terms and conditions. Naturally, you?ll want to go with a company that will give you the best deals.

For instance, how long will the 0% introductory period last? Never forget that the zero interest offer is just a temporary option. Some companies offer as little as three months while others offer up to a year or more. Ideally, enjoying at least 12 months of 0% interest offer should give you enough time to repay your balances completely.

How much is the interest rate after the introductory period? Will the interest rate still be reasonable when the introductory offer ends or will it soar high? It?s best to choose a card that will still give you a reasonably low interest even after the 0% APR expires.

How much is the interest on purchases? If the 0% APR is limited to balance transfers alone, how much will the interest be on your charges? If the interest on purchases will be expensive, you may want to consider using this particular card for balance transfers only.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much are the annual fee? Some balance transfer credit cards may have very expensive annual fees. If you have to pay such a large amount each year, will it still enable you to save your money? There are balance transfer cards that have no annual fee so you?ll want to take your time looking for the right card to fit your needs.

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