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Posted by digichal on May 14th, 2022

The businessman can now keep hisab online instead of doing it manually with Digichal\'s digital khata book app. Any business faces the risk of losing manual registers or making mistakes when calculating. With the help of this app, you can easily record all the transactions done in your business. 

This work was traditionally done manually in diaries, where transactions were recorded and a resource was hired to tally records and file tax returns. By using DigiChal\'s digital khata business app, all entries can be done through a smartphone, whether they\'re for sale, purchase, or Udhaar. The most challenging aspect of manual khatas is getting them damaged or losing them. Due to the fact that these khatas were maintained manually, there was a lot of time spent entering data.


Digital Khata for Small Business


Whatever the business, whether it is a local grocery store or a vegetable vendor, it sells and gives credit to customers. There are some people who doubt their technical skills and think they are not good enough to work with technology, or they don\'t want to spend money on it. DigiChal’s digital khata business is easy to use and free of cost. 


Anyone who has a smartphone can use this easy-to-use platform for online accounting. With this app, you can store all your sale udhar khata information in one place. Your daily sales are entered here, and you can compare them with the previous day\'s sales. The expense digital khata feature helps you keep track of your expenses. You can generate reports and study the financial health of your business and do better planning. 


In the case of udhaar, there is no need for any manual udhar register. The only thing you have to do is record the details of the udhaar given to customers with the due date in the digital udhar khata and the app sends automatic payment reminders. You can keep information online in a convenient and straightforward way. It can also save you time and money.


How Digichal Udhar app benefits small business owners



  • It helps to easily manage financial transactions.

You can enter the information in the app and it is synced with all your other devices. You can view the financial statements as well as monitor them in a much simpler manner. With just a few clicks, you can add sale, udhaar, and expense details in the digital khata book. 



  • You can access your khata anywhere, anytime.

It is easy to retrieve any information. You can view your business information anywhere and anytime. All you need to do is download the digital khata app and install it on your device. If you have companies with various departments, it is easier to give access to relevant people through the app. 



  • It saves you time and money.


In a few clicks, you can save and access information. You can also view reports for better business planning. You do not have to spend hours fetching any information manually from huge piles. You don’t have to keep a dedicated employee to enter information or need to spend money on warehousing. DigiChal’s sale digital khata app helps you save a lot of time and money.



  • All your information is safe and secure.

Unlike manual bahi khatas, data on the DigiChal digital khata business app is digitally saved. Therefore don’t have to worry about data getting lost or getting damaged. No worries about where to keep the manual records and how to stack them up to be able to pull them out later.



  • Collecting udhaar is faster.

Digital udhar khata online helps you save the udhaar details and sends an automatic reminder on the due date. SO no more going door to door or making numerous calls to get the money back. 


Every business has daily financial transactions, regardless of how big or small it is. In addition to these transactions, every business will have: vendors to buy stock from, suppliers/customers to sell, daily expenses to continue to run the business, and an udhaar list to keep track of money lent. DigiChals’s digital khata book helps you store all your financial transactions electronically. The right digital khata app can help you save money as well as time. As a result, you can invest the same amount in your company\'s growth.


website : https://www.digichal.in/

App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digichal

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