4 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Posted by Rex Conner on May 17th, 2022

Air conditioning units have almost become a staple in most commercial as well as residential buildings. With so many new brands offering technically advanced cooling units, it comes as no surprise that the number of air conditioning units installed in the world has grown exponentially.

Regular air conditioner servicing is an important aspect to consider if you want the appliance to run at its higher efficiency and potential. Most owners conduct repairs and servicing only on an annual or bi-annual basis. However, your AC unit might need servicing even if it is maintained regularly. To make it easier for you, some of the most common signs of air conditioning inefficiencies have been mentioned below. (Information source: https://www.theoriginalflame.com/jrh/airconditioners/)

You should contact your nearest air conditioner service provider if you experience one or more of the following problems.

1. Lack of cool air and limited airflow

One of the first signs that your AC needs servicing is if there isn’t enough cool air coming from the vents. If your AC fails to provide cold air even at its maximum settings, chances are that the compressor is damaged. Not enough cool air can also be a sign of a decreasing level of refrigerant inside the device. Another common problem experienced is the lack of air circulation throughout the house or premises. This can be caused by blocked ductwork or clogged filters as dust and dirt are the number one culprit in this case.

2. Distracting sounds and bad odour    

 Hearing unusual sounds being produced from your air conditioning unit is another sign that you need to repair the unit. You should switch off the system the moment you hear sounds of metal grinding or any other similar sound.  Other signs include a burning smell being produced, which may indicate that the wire insulation is burnt. On the other hand, a musty smell can indicate that there may be mould      growing inside the unit.

3. Thermostat malfunction

The thermostat is the main controlling center of any HVAC system, which directs which components to function for how long. If the AC isn’t switching on properly or turns off automatically after a short period of operation, chances are that the thermostat has been compromised. Replacing is the best option under such circumstances.

4. Persistent humidity

A good air conditioning unit should do a great job of keeping out humidity from the interior of the house or premises. If it is no longer being able to do that, it’s time to contact professionals to take a look at it. Failure to address this problem can be dangerous in the long run. Humidity can be a breeding ground for mould and mildew growth, which can have multiple health implications for occupants.


Modern air conditioning units are complex and require each and every component to work at their full potential. It is thus important for every air conditioning unit owner to identify these signs and contact professionals to address these problems.

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