5 Reasons Why New Zealand is a Great Study Abroad Destination for Indian Student

Posted by Tanya Sharma on May 18th, 2022

According to the Ministry of External Affairs, about 2,61,406 Indian students moved abroad in 2020 to pursue their higher education. However, an important insight in this matter is that through all these years, almost 80% of Indian students wanting to study abroad were keen on heading only to countries like the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. However, currently, there has been a shift in choices with most Indian students wanting to study in New Zealand. And no, this is not just a random choice! In fact, there are multiple reasons that encourage Indian students to pursue their education in New Zealand.

So today, in this article below, we, at Storm Overseas, one of the leading New Zealand education consultants in Hyderabad, will shed light on the top 5 persuaders that are drawing the interest of more and more Indian students to fly to New Zealand for their higher education. Read on.


  • Quality of Education:

Studying in New Zealand means heavy educational investment on the part of the Indian student. However, nothing can beat the quality of education offered at the many universities which are home to New Zealand.

It is worth noting that 8 Universities in New Zealand have been consistently ranking high in the QS World Rankings and the Times Higher Education Rankings. This only means that studying in one such university would ensure an improved learning graph, better grades, and the ability to bag a lucrative pay package. Who wouldn’t want that!

Moreover, the worldwide recognition of courses offered by NZ Universities would help Indian students to make it big wherever it is that they desire.

  • Sustainable Teaching Methodology:

Students, who move abroad to pursue their higher education, generally take time to adjust to the new surroundings and people around. The same becomes applicable with respect to the academic syllabus.

However, this doesn’t seem to be an issue with New Zealand, owing to the flexible teaching methodology offered at NZ universities. Here, the teaching is more conversational and interactive. The focus is on equipping students to perform well both individually and in groups.

  • Immense Scope for Innovation and Research:

Indian students usually take the plunge of moving to a foreign country to pursue their education primarily because they are drawn to the innovation and research infrastructure in the country they decide to move to. Here again, New Zealand comes out as a safe and effective bet!

Until today, New Zealand has stood out for its research capabilities. Packed with the best minds, first-rate laboratories, and high-end equipment, innovation and research are at their peak in this country.

We, at Storm Overseas, understand that Indian students with a bent towards research are sure to enjoy value for money for the educational investment they make in NZ. No doubt, our consultants are always there to offer the right guidance in this regard!

  • A Safe and Peaceful Country:

Indian students moving abroad for the sake of education have their own inhibitions. The only thing they desire is to fit in and have a comfortable stay in the foreign land of their choice.

If they are studying in New Zealand, this is one area where Indian students can heave a sigh of relief! Not to mention, New Zealand has been ranking consistently on the top as far as the Global Peace Index is concerned.

We, at Storm Overseas, would also like to agree that New Zealand is a safe and peaceful country for Indian students to pursue their education. Moreover, the possibility of Indian students meeting students from over the world in New Zealand is quite high.

  • Work while you Study:

One of the major benefits that Indian students enjoy when studying in New Zealand is the freedom to work while studying. When the semesters are going on, students get to put in 20 hours a week towards any work engagement that they take up. However, during breaks, there is no such restriction.

This allows students to make some quick money, which can then help them to take care of their day-to-day expenses.


All in all, right from good quality of education to rich cultural diversity, great quality of life to student-friendly policies, safety, and security to earning opportunities during as well as after the completion of your course, New Zealand is a great place to earn a fulfilling experience of studying in a foreign country!

Thus, if you have been willing to pursue your education from abroad, let us tell you that New Zealand could be one of the best study destinations for you!

In case you feel stuck with the formalities or are confused about where to begin the process, feel free to call us, at Storm Overseas, positioned among the best New Zealand education consultants in India, and our expert consultants would be happy to help!


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