Core Requirements to Get into an Australian University

Posted by Tanya Sharma on May 18th, 2022

As per UNESCO, 91% of the Indian students are interested in pursuing their studies abroad! Another mind-boggling statistic tells that ratio of the students aspiring to get into Australia alone saw a jump of almost 123% in 2019, which is now again gaining pace after the pandemic!

Putting the confusion at rest about why these figures and stats have been cited here, we, at Storm Overseas, an institute dedicated entirely to the ‘studying abroad dreams\' of lakhs of students for two decades, through this blog, are trying to bring students one step closer to their dream of studying at Australian Universities.

Australia has always been hailed for its highly logical and zoomed-in approach towards the education system. Other aspects that work in its favor are its impeccable infrastructure, higher standard of living, lower cost of expenditure, and outstanding student assistance programs. Moreover, the degrees attained there are recognized worldwide, and the pass-outs are highly in demand across the globe. Due to these reasons, Australia is the hub of international students dreaming of pursuing studies in a foreign land.

And this piece of info is a tiny endeavor from Storm Overseas, considered one of the best Australian education consultants in India, to jot down the core requirements you will be required to fulfill to get into an Australian university.

So, let’s move ahead. Keeping first things first, let’s check out the Eligibility Requirements:

  • For securing admission to any Diploma Course – At least 60% marks in class 12th board examinations.
  • For obtaining admission to any Bachelors Degree - Minimum 65% or above marks in class 12th board examinations.
  • For attaining admission to any Master\'s Degree – A student must possess a regular bachelor\'s degree (like B.A., B.Com., B.F.A., etc.), along with the 12 senior secondary school years. Until and unless indicated for admission in any specific course, an Honours degree like B.A. (H), B.Com.(H), etc., or a 4-year bachelor\'s degree is compulsory.

Note: All the minimum requirements mentioned above to be passed in first class is mandatory.

Now, let’s move on to the Academic Requirements:

  • While submitting the application to an Australian University, you would be required to furnish the details about your education, i.e., the courses taken up, the subjects studied, and the individual grades scored.
  • Also, you will be asked to provide individual transcripts from each of the schools and colleges attended by you till date, including correspondence courses, if any.
  • You will be required to submit attested copies of your class 10th, class 12th, and bachelor\'s degree mark sheets.
  • Each of the above is to be annexed with copies (certified) of the original documents.

Note: All submissions mentioned above are to be made in no language other than English.

Then comes the Application Requirements:

  • Queries about the application should be forwarded to the respective university a minimum of 12-15 months prior to the date of admission.
  • The application form can be acquired by dropping an e-mail to the university, by downloading the application form from the university\'s website, or physically buying it from the university\'s representatives.
  • Australia, being an English-speaking nation-state, fluency in written as well as verbal English language for any student-applicant is a must. And for that, the Australian education policies require you to take an English language proficiency test called IELTS.
  • In cases of students desirous of seeking admission in post-graduate courses, most Australian colleges give weightage to GMAT scores.
  • In case the student-applicant wants to get into an M.B.A. program or a doctoral program, he/she is required to furnish a detailed resume as well as past work experience certificate(s).
  • An S.O.P. (Statement of Purpose) that works as a covering letter specifying the career goal of the student-applicant, his interests in general, a mention of extracurricular hobbies, the reason behind opting for that particular stream, and, of course, his plan of action regarding governing his finances, while staying in Australia.
  • One L.O.R. (Letter of Recommendation) from someone knowing the student-applicant either academically or professionally, stating his strong points as well as shortcomings. Additionally, the letter must state the strong reason(s) for the applicant\'s seriousness towards the course.

Last but not least, the Financial Requirements:

  • The average cost for Secondary Education - AUD 7500 to 30000 per year
  • The average cost for Under graduation – AUD 15000 to 35000 per year
  • The average cost for Postgraduation – AUD 20000 to 40000 per year
  • The average cost for Doctoral programs – AUD 14000 to 40000 per year
  • The average cost for M.B.A. – AUD 15000 to 20000 per year

We, at Storm Overseas, one of the most trusted Australian education consultants in India, hope the info mentioned in this blog will benefit all the students seeking admission to Australian Universities. And that will be the real culmination of our aim to assist the students, having the splendid dreams of studying abroad in their eyes.

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