5 myths about HR Consultancy Services in India

Posted by YOMA Business Solutions on May 19th, 2022

5 myths about HR Consultancy Services in India

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Ever since technology made a foray into the workplace, it is important to understand the real picture and debunk these myths that keep you from achieving your goals. Here are 5 such myths about HR consultancy that are debunked for you:

1. Outsourcing HR Consultancy Services Negatively Impacts Employee’s Experience:

Every business owner has a fair share of sceptics circling whether or not outsourcing HR Consultancy Services is a wise decision. What if this creates a barrier between you and your employees? You might choose to believe that since they have not worked with your employees, their intervention may negatively impact your employee’s experience.

The answer to all of these concerns is a simple no. ‘Facts’

The reality is completely contrasting as experienced HR Consultants work extensively on improving employees’ experience. These services ensure that you have better options to choose from to determine your health insurance, customized benefits, and bonuses to help you get a better package and job security. Besides that, they also assure the accuracy of your payroll and tax management so that it allows you to focus better on your core operations by handling all of the legalities for you!

2. Outsourcing HR Consultancy Services undermines Internal Management and In-House HR abilities.

This thought must have crossed your mind at least once but outsourcing HR services only helps in bridging the gaps with your in-house HR department by making your department much more efficient. It acts as a collaborative effort to enhance your organization\'s human resources, it does not aim to replace them!

Outsourcing HR services minimize your expense for posting teams offshores under business expansion! From anywhere in the world, you can hire an offshore outsourcing HR consultancy and deploy them to the required location that handles all your human resource responsibilities.

For business transformation and expansion, you will require a team of talent acquisition to address matters such as cultural integration, redefining roles, developing new management hierarchies, etc. These types of projects require specific types of expertise that the internal HR team might not possess, thus helping you develop a team that can work with difficult and complex tasks.

3. An outsourced HR consultancy does not understand your organization’s core values and thus will take the control away.

Would it be easier if you permanently hire a team of HR into your organization? Are you second-guessing whether HR consultancies will overrule and lessen your control over the employees as they do not associate with your organization’s core values?

Let’s answer this question through the fact that it takes almost an average of 27 business days to make a new hire! So make a rough estimate of the potential pitfalls of hiring an entire internal HR team when your company is undergoing expansion and there are urgent openings and requirements for staff!

Finding the right candidate for a permanent position requires significant human resource costs and time! Up until the onboarding, they will still be new to the organization but if you hire outsourced HR consultants, their experience and expertise will allow them to align your organization’s goals quickly. Being in the industry of hiring and staffing, they are agile enough to know your business genetics!

4. Outsourcing HR Consultancy Services are Costly

This myth needs to be debunked and has to be made loud and clear that outsourcing HR services save you more than it could ever cost you. Having a team of in-house HR department members usually involves high overhead costs. There are many labour compliances and laws that a company needs to abide by and pay employee funds and insurance coverage along with training costs.

Whereas when you outsource these services, you can convert them into a variable cost that ranges as per the services required by your company. Even if you eventually decide to scale down, it is much easier to reduce outsourcing costs than it is to reduce the size of a department.

You will always end up paying for the services that you require, you never have to spend on unnecessary tasks. These consultants understand that businesses have unique requirements which is why they charge for customized plans that deliver all the services required.

Why choose HR Consultancy Services?

The market for HR consultancy services is estimated to be worth billion, representing approximately 10% of the total global consulting market, making it the smallest of the six main industry segments.

With the expansion and growth of a business, HR management becomes much more complex and difficult to handle. Hiring an in-house team makes it difficult for you to scale down. However, by outsourcing these services you get high-quality services with a lesser burden on your expenses.

The size of your HR department put together can never compete with the expertise and skills that these HR consultancies have with their experience in the industry!




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