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Posted by accolac99 on May 20th, 2016

Big news, RS fans! Arc islands, the first region available to the player advancing through Player owned ports minigame, won the Player Power Month poll held earlier this year. And half of the Arc islands will be available for you to play in July. You want to know the detailed content on it? Read on to find out. Also if you need rs 3 gold for sale in RS, you can buy rs3 gold cheap at RSorder with reasonable price and fast delivery as usual.

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Disagreement on Slayer content of the Arc islands

Slayer should feature, along with some new Slayer creatures. It is said that there probably won't have a new Slayer master in the traditional sense, but there will be some way to get Slayer XP based on specific targets.
Adding more Slayer content is meaningless for some players and they think it has become one boring routine for Jagex to add more slayer content every X month. At the same time, some players can't wait to see more about the slayer creatures and other content. What do you think of this? You are more than welcome to discuss it with other players on RSorder Facebook. And if you want to buy cheap and legit rs 3 gold, you can always make the transaction with RSorder. Speaking as one professional rs 3 gold provider, we will deliver cheap rs 3 gold for sale within 3-10 minutes.

Introduction of new economy in Player owned ports

The Arc should clearly be linked to Player-Owned Ports somehow. And still if you want to see everything in the Arc you'll need to be level 90+ in a handful of skills. A new currency will be introduced to player owned ports and while you won't be able to trade any of your existing gold or resources. Since it provides players one fresh and fair new start, it is one idea that almost everybody appreciates.

Have been fully immersed in the darkness of Morytania for the past few months, you must want to play in someplace hot and sunny. The Arc islands are the places you surely don’t want to miss. It will become available in July. Why not buy runescape gold rs3 at RSorder to train skills up to 90 to have a good time in the Arc islands in July?

Dear, RS fans!A New round of 80% off RS 3 gold, Runescape 2007 gold /Seasonal DMM gold sale on Rsorder will begain at 03:00 a.m. GMT on May 23 2016!


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