How To Restore Balance With Acupuncture?

Posted by Patrick Parker on May 20th, 2022

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine-based approach that is used to treat a variety of conditions by triggering basic points on the skin with needles. Health is all about balance and when it is thrown off, you become more susceptible to disease. Energy is the director of your body’s harmony, its movement is crucial to your health.

This vital energy is responsible for keeping you healthy. Having a reliable, strong flow of qi through your body is the foundation for well being, and similarly, disruption of this flow, when qi becomes blocked can contribute to ill-being. Toxic among other things, can all contribute to an imbalance in your qi. Here are a few most common hypotheses for how Acupuncture Help Internal Imbalance in Oro Valley to restore balance to the body.

1: Fascial release – Perhaps the most recent theory as to how acupuncture addresses the fascia. Fascia has been getting a lot of attention lately as it is becoming more recognized for its responsibility in proper body function. Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Oro Valley is essentially an extensive compression sock that keeps your whole body contained.  With imbalance and inactivity, areas of fascia can become stiff, thick and unhealthy, leading to pain, inflammation and mis-signalling in the body.

2: Collateral circulation – Acupuncture can improve the ischemic and hypoxic conditions of cells around the lesion, and can promote the establishment of collateral circulation and absorption of hematoma. All though there are enough clinical studies about acupuncture, many clinicians still worry about its therapeutic effect and safety. It is important to perform a systematic review to access and appraise the effectiveness and safety of acupuncture for balance dysfunction in patients.

3: Release energy blockage – Acupuncture is said to unblock energy flow in the body. By releasing areas of congestion and stagnation through Oro Valley Best Medicare Lower Back Acupuncture Specialist, qi is allowed to flow unfettered and promote health and balance. When your energy life force is healthy, the physical body will follow you. Energy flows through specific meridian lines in the body. It is not widely accepted in western medicine.

4: Stimulate body healing power – Pain is the most common issue that uses acupuncture treats. Whether it is a headache, muscle pain or joint pain, acupuncture provides quick relief. Acupoint stimulation activates the central nervous system activates and draws attention to a certain area to which the brain sends healing signals. The meridians begin at your fingertips, connect to your brain, and then connect to an organ associated with a certain meridian.

Acupuncture points lie where connective tissue planes converge. Neither acupuncture nor acupressure will miraculously heal all that ails you. Acupuncture is just another powerful modality of healing to assist you on life’s journey.

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