Gianni Infantino regarding remedy for labor abuses behind the FIFA World Cup

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A joint letter urging Mr. Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, to work with the government of Qatar, trade unions, the International Labor Organization (ILO), and other stakeholders to establish a comprehensive plan to ensure that all labor disputes that FIFA contributes to are addressed, and addressed next to appropriate financial services.

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With six months to go before the Qatar World Cup 2022, hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers have not received adequate remedies, including financial compensation, for the horrific abuse they experienced while building and providing vital infrastructure for land preparation and delivery World Cup in Qatar.

We, therefore, urge you, as the President of FIFA, to work with the government of Qatar, trade unions, the International Labor Organization (ILO), and other stakeholders to establish a comprehensive plan to ensure that all labor disputes that FIFA contributes to are addressed, and set aside appropriate financial resources.

We recognize that progress has been made in strengthening the protection of workers through the reforms of the Qatari government, as well as the plans of the Executive Committee for Inheritance. Qatar\'s legal reforms, for example, have the potential, once fully implemented, to improve the security of workers across the country.

However, for many workers, these changes came too late and slightly forced, while most of the workers who are important in preparing for the FIFA World Cup are also outside the plans of the Executive Committee, which means the harassment continues. Seriously, however, even if these reforms were implemented successfully, this would not ignore FIFA\'s obligations and Qatar\'s obligations to address past labor harassment.


In 2010, when FIFA granted Qatar the right to host the World Cup, it was clear that harassment and exploitation were rampant in the country. The rights of migrant workers, who make up about 95% of the country\'s workforce, are severely limited by the country\'s kafala subsidy system and undermined labor lawlessness, which allows unscrupulous employers to harass immigrant workers with impunity.

Although progress has been made in recent years, human rights abuses continue. When FIFA awarded Qatar World Cup 2022 tournament, they knew or should have known about the dangers that could put immigrant workers\' rights given the country\'s poor human rights record and union sanctions. And yet it has done so without imposing on Qatar any restrictions on workers\' rights. For more to know about Qatar World Cup tickets Click here.

In winning the FIFA World Cup 2022 without imposing any conditions on avoiding unpredictable labor rights violations and failing to take timely and effective measures to prevent this, FIFA was instrumental in the widespread harassment of immigrant workers in subsequent World Cup-related projects.


The level of human rights violations linked to the World Cup is significant. Over the past 12 years, the majority of Qatari immigrant workers have had to pay to work in the country, with huge illegal rental fees to protect their jobs, and thousands have been robbed of their salaries. Before 2020, no foreign worker could change jobs or leave the country without the consent of his employer, while human rights organizations.

Unions have filed numerous lawsuits over long hours, forced labor, and other harassment. Although some staff members may find some form of remedy, many harassment numbers are still properly addressed or not addressed at all. Workers were injured or paid the highest amount while employed in Qatar.

In activities across Qatar - including FIFA World Cup-related and non-World Cup events Qatari authorities have failed to investigate the causes of the deaths of thousands of migrant workers since 2010 and moisture without adequate protection and could be prevented by effective health and safety measures.


Qatar is obligated under international human rights law to prevent widespread human rights violations and to ensure the remedy for all violations in its area, whether linked to the Football World Cup or not. However, FIFA also has its clear human rights obligations under the United Nations Principles of Trade and Human Rights, and as recognized by FIFA policies itself, to redress the contributing factors.

However, to date, neither FIFA nor Qatar has fulfilled their obligations in this regard. FIFA\'s mandate includes not only the staff directly employed in World Cup projects such as stadiums and training venues but also the hundreds of thousands of staff hired to build.

And provide the comprehensive project and infrastructure needed for the preparation and delivery of the tournament, including transport and accommodation infrastructure, security, and other facilities. FIFA and Qatar must therefore work with trade unions, the ILO, and the public to establish a comprehensive and inclusive plan to provide a solution to all the Qatar World Cup 2022 -related harassment. For more to know about Spain Vs Germany Tickets click here.

The program should learn from models established elsewhere to provide a solution to the thousands of workers and families who have lost loved ones. It should be established and governed in a participatory manner following consultation with stakeholders including immigrant workers, surviving family members, and trade unions; easily accessible to workers and their families, many of whom will no longer be in Qatar, and be able to provide a timely solution to a wide range of unresolved issues from 2010.

While this process should seek to strengthen existing remedial measures in Qatar, such as those provided by the Department of Labor and the Executive Committee, it may also require the development of additional programs that can address past and ongoing harassment to the present and international standard. For example, while the Labor Committees established in 2018 offered workers greater opportunities to claim unpaid wages, they accepted applications for applications during the year of harassment.

The principle that harassment should not be repeated is fundamental to providing an adequate remedy. FIFA should also support and financially contribute to programs designed to support migrant workers, such as the Migration Workers\' Center, develop and implement its human rights mechanisms for future events and strengthen its human rights advocacy processes.


Qatar, FIFA, the Executive Committee, and other stakeholders including recruiting companies all have a responsibility, both independent, to contribute financially to the restructuring process. Paying for the bereavement remedy scale, compensating for unpaid wages, repaying illegal rent, and supporting future workers\' rights protection efforts will require significant investments equal to existing abuses.

FIFA must retain a minimum of $ 440 million in prize money given to teams participating in the World Cup, to be invested in support funds. This would represent just a small percentage of FIFA\'s estimated US $ 6 billion in competition and the remaining US $ 1.6 billion. This amount reflects the potential floor level of the damage done and the need to invest in programs to ensure that harassment does not recur in the future.

The final amount required for the remedy will be determined by the size of the need, the damage to be repaired and the remedial measures to be provided should be determined by the participatory process and based on the independent evaluation. The start of the first FIFA World Cup to be held in the Middle East should be a moment of joy and pride for football fans around the world. But until all the workers have been compensated and the damage has been repaired, the tournament cannot be truly celebrated. The signatories below request FIFA to

Commit to establishing with Qatar a comprehensive plan to address the harassment of migrant workers in the preparation and delivery of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Less than the US $ 440 million has been set aside to fund the remedy for such abuse, with injuries to be repaired and compensation measures to be determined through the participatory process and subject to independent evaluation and it develops and strongly enforces its human rights mechanisms in the future and strengthens its human rights advocacy processes.

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