Art Jam - A Fun Therapy for Hectic Life

Posted by Digital_Zone on May 22nd, 2022

Art Jam - an activity that\'s gain popularity and more widespread in previous couple of years. Art Jamming, essentially, is just a fun, relaxing and boundary-free activity, which is also seen as a successful relaxation therapy for visitors to get free from their daily hectic life and locate a peace of mind. If you\'re not familiar with Art Jam, below is just a brief introduction for you to understand what Art Jamming is and its therapeutic effect for one\'s body and soul.

What\'s Art Jam?

In practice, art jamming takes place between yourself, a bunch of paints, a few painting brushes and somewhere to put the paint on - which can be a piece of canvas, a plain piece of cloth, canvas bags, canvas shoes or anything you could think of.

During the procedure of painting, it\'s possible to release their emotion with strokes of colour, different colour combinations and like a deep degree of concentration. Each one of these could bring you far from your worries and clean up your mind.

Who is suitable for Art Jamming?

When referring to painting, whether it\'s oil or acrylic painting, some individuals would immediately have a denial reaction, like \'Oh, come on, I can\'t paint!\', or \'I\'ve never pick up a painting brush since primary school!\' ;.

However, each one of these denial phase is exactly why art jamming can be used as a therapy to produce lifestyle pressure. As a matter of fact, this art therapy is suitable for anyone, whether you have experience in painting or not. Art Jamming doesn\'t require, nor develop one\'s painting technique. You might also NOT be criticize on your way of painting nor the amount of creativity.

If you are in a company with emails to arrive and out every minutes; in a shop coping with customers, or as an active home-staying person looking after household on 24-7 duty, you can enjoy best art jamming place in Singapore without the painting technique at all.

It\'s undeniable that humans are born in nature to be collectively behaved in social settings. A large amount of social norms is obviously affecting how human behave everyday. The timing for the lunch, the expected dress code between opposite sex or the expected behaviour in times of receiving something special etc, is all subtly regulated among society. People develop negative energy when they are not satisfied with typical, if they failed to follow typical, or if they cannot force themselves to accommodate the norm.

In art jamming, each one of these social expectations and norms are out of sight. You can enjoy freely on the best way to paint your personal artwork, what tools to make use of (or to make use of tools or not), what colour combination you need etc. There\'s no boundary, rights and wrongs, being normal or not in art jamming. Wildflower Studio That which you can enjoy can be an ultimate freedom to make your personal decision, without the necessity in consulting anyone.

Another therapeutic aspect of art jamming may be the deep degree of concentration so it brings during your painting process. You concentrate solely on yourself and the painting, while the whole decision-making process is completely according to your personal heart.

There are numerous occasions in lifestyle that you merely cannot follow your personal heart to create decisions. For instance, maybe it\'s that you will be following a social norm and don\'t wish to disappoint somebody and force yourself in doing something that you may not wish to do. An example has been \'sociable\' ;.The \'norm\' in the society is that you need to be sociable and enjoy yourself in parties. Otherwise, you\'d be named as \'anti-social\' ;.But ask yourself, you may not enjoy all parties every time? Or do you sometimes prefer to invest the amount of time in another way?

Deep degree of concentration could pull you from your daily routine and mental burdens. One might say that the temporary drifting far from reality during Jamming isn\'t permanent, yet the relaxation that you can get from the game remains very remarkable. In addition, it helps you to appreciate who exactly you are.

The simplest way to have the positive energy and the therapeutic effect from Art Jamming is to test it yourself. You can start by benefiting from simple painting tools and paint in the home, or take a look at Jamming activities organized by your local art organizations.

Enjoy art jamming and its positive impact for your system and soul.

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