The silicate is composed of single or double-chain tetrahedra

Posted by Coherent Market insights on May 23rd, 2022

Here is an image of quartz, one of the various silicates. Because quartz is an important piezoelectric material, it is utilised in a variety of technologies ranging from jewellery to watches, computers, and scientific apparatus. The vibration movement of the piezoelectric effect can be used to deliver high viscosity ink in a drop-on-demand ink jet system. Piezoelectric materials are also employed in buzzers and Piezoelectric Transducers. Techniques for converting static wave energy into rotating motion using piezoelectric material have also been developed. A Piezoelectric Motor of this type has been created for use in wristwatches.

Four different electrochemical methods based on the detection of the silicomolybdic complex produced in acidic conditions by the interaction between silicate and molybdenum salts are used to determine silicates in seawater. The first two procedures rely on the electrochemical addition of molybdate and protons to a seawater sample. The electrochemical anodic oxidation of molybdenum, the complexation of the oxidation product with silicate, and the detection of the complex by cyclic voltammetry were used to establish a semiautonomous approach.

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