Ultrasonic dental scalers are much safer and more effective than other models

Posted by Coherent Market insights on May 23rd, 2022

Ultrasonic dental scalers are used to remove plaque and tartar deposits from the surface of the teeth quickly.

The scaler tip vibrates in the ultrasonic region of 20 kHz to 45 kHz when cleaning tartar, and the tip is cooled by forcing a stream of water. The vibrating scaler tip of an ultrasonic dental scaler allows plaque and tartar to be removed quickly, making it a quick and efficient procedure.

Interchangeable scaling tips on ultrasonic dental scalers provide a variety of applications such as root planing, sublingual scaling, and periodontal pocket management.

When compared to manual scaling dental instruments, ultrasonic dental scalers provide more comfort. They are more accurate during treatment, vibrate less, use less water during the dental scaling procedure, and have smaller inserts, all of which contribute to the patient\'s comfort.

Ultrasonic technologies have considerably improved periodontal debridement and supragingival scaling operations.

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