Dolomite powder is used to adjust magnesium deficiency and to reduce soil acidit

Posted by Coherent Market insights on May 23rd, 2022

A form of limestone called dolomite is also utilised in agriculture. It gives plants essential nutrients and helps to raise the pH of the soil to match the needs of the plants. Dolomite powder is used in agriculture to correct magnesium shortage and minimise soil acidity. Some plants, such as tomatoes, require additional calcium as they grow, and dolomite is a great source. Rubber, paints, detergent, putty, animal feed, sealants, and adhesives, among other goods, use the powder as a filler.

Due to its higher surface hardness and density, dolomite is also employed as a filler material in the construction sector. Due to its great strength and hardness, dolomite is preferred in asphalt and concrete applications. It\'s one of the most common minerals in binary and tertiary cement mixtures. Dolomite is used in a variety of industries, but it is most commonly found in the building and steel and iron industries. It\'s also used for filtration and processing drinking water, such as raising the pH of purified water after it\'s been treated with a RO system.

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