HH the Amir participates in the opening session of the World Economic Forum

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HH Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani took part on Monday afternoon at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum, held in Davos under the theme Changing History. HH the Amir delivered a speech at the opening, here is the text.

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Mr. Chairperson,

Men and women,

The current session of the World Economic Forum is very important because it takes place amidst economic challenges and world turmoil. Before we can look forward to economic prosperity, we must first examine, adjust, and apply our framework of peace. And we need to send, a reassuring message to people all over the world, only in one can we overcome the divisions that divide us.

I can tell you that after many years of peace, through mediation, we will not give up hope. We should never give up, on trying to put together parties. As long as we believe, our efforts can save, even one life, our efforts to mediate will be worth it. Our united efforts need to be based on the agreed principles. The Charter of the United Nations, international law, and respect for the sovereignty of each other.

In recent decades, we have experienced firsthand the role of the United Nations, the violation of international law, and the deterioration of fundamental human rights. Violent conflict resolution is on the rise, and it has reached its climax in the European war. We are in touch with all stakeholders in the Ukrainian crisis, and I am ready, to contribute to all international and regional efforts, to find a quick, peaceful solution to the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Qatar is strongly opposed to the violence against the monarchy, and any action that could include a violation of international law. We stand in solidarity with the millions of innocent refugees who are victims of this European war, as well as the victims, of all other wars that are taking place, right now. Victims of all races, nationalities, and religions. I want to help them all.

As we effectively use laser focus to find a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis, I hope we can pay more attention and effort to resolve, all those conflicts that have been forgotten or ignored. They all deserve peace, security, and dignity. The most striking example is Palestine, which has been an open wound since the founding of the United Nations. For decades, those families were busy, with little or no relief.

The rise, in the illegal attacks on apartments, has been constant, and the same goes for the ongoing attacks on the Palestinian people. I have always prayed for the world to rise, deal with injustice, and violence, and finally, take action. Shireen Abu Akleh, a Christian, Palestinian-American journalist has killed two weeks ago in Palestine, then robbed, of a dignified burial. For more to know about Qatar World Cup tickets Click here.

Shireen spoke of the suffering of the Palestinian people for decades, and our hearts are broken. His death was as tragic as the 7 journalists killed in Ukraine since March this year, along with 18 other journalists killed in Palestine since 2000, as well as many other journalists killed while on duty in Iraq, Syria, and. Yemen.

In the 21st century, we should not tolerate such an attack. And we should not accept a country, where governments have double standards in terms of human dignity, based on religion, region, or race. We consider the importance, of each European life, as precious, as a person from our region.

Distinguished listeners,

As a small state, maintaining regional and international peace and security is of paramount importance to the Government of Qatar. We are working hard to help manage, resolve, and reduce conflicts, including our ongoing efforts in Afghanistan. We were honored for being able to help with the efforts to get out of Afghanistan.

And it is only possible, thanks to investments spent over the years to keep the peace: Professional mediation, high-ranking soldiers and Special Forces, search and rescue teams, are listed as some of the best in the world, and many hours of sweating and tears, for many. All those years of investment, training, and strategic partnership, have had positive results. At a time when we needed to step in, and rescue people. Thank you so much for all your sacrifices.

My friends,

And I see protecting the environment as a responsibility for all of us. Qatar is committed to sustainability, priority, and location, and focuses on our resources, advancing pollution reduction technologies, and clean energy. We aim to play a significant role in promoting, and developing regional and international policy, surrounding both energy and the environment.

We’ve all seen it in recent months, what happens when we don’t work together. At this critical juncture, we must wisely balance the need for care for the environment, and at the same time, provide energy security for the planet. This will require greater cooperation and cooperation between all governments, corporations, stakeholders, and all of us. Because each of us needs energy, and at present, nearly a billion people still have a reliable source of energy.

As one of the world\'s largest producers of liquefied natural gas, Qatar invested in efforts to expand LNG for years, recognizing that LNG is an important basic energy source, needed during the transition, which is already underway. Increasing LNG production could provide a world-class, clean, safe, reliable, and flexible environment. Achieving global electricity security will lead to market stability, and reduce the economic consequences of the current energy crisis.

Ladies and gentlemen,

As many of you know, for the first time in the Middle East, Qatar will be hosting the FIFA World Cup later this year. We work hard, so this great sporting event can allow our entire region to have a chance to host the world. For decades now, the Middle East has been plagued by racism, and I have come to realize that such discrimination is largely based on people who do not know us and, in some cases, even refuse to do so. For more to know about Spain Vs Germany Tickets click here.

Even today there are still people who cannot accept the idea that the Arab Muslim country will host a tournament like the Qatar World Cup 2022. These people, including many of the incumbents, have attacked, at an unprecedented rate, when a major sporting event was hosted by other countries on different continents, even though each country has its problems and its problems challenges. Qatar is like your country it is not perfect, but it is always trying to improve, and it is full of hope for a brighter future.

We are proud of the progress, transformation, and progress we have made, and we are very grateful for the FIFA World Cup, which has inspired us to make these changes so fast. I assure everyone who listens, that this World Cup program will be special. We believe that sport is a tool for positive change, that promotes tolerance and respect, empowers young people, and promotes unity. We stand by that belief, and I hope you will join us to find a good game, as it is being played in our region.

Men and women,

Our common interests, our common responsibility, and our common destiny for all mankind require cooperation. So we can all live in peace. Thank you very much.

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