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Posted by Liz Seyi on May 24th, 2022

Here at YTA, we have long been known as one of the leading accredited centres for construction training, and this much is reflected in both the breadth and depth of our courses themselves. 

That ‘accredited’ detail is a particularly important one when it comes to our top carpentry course, the 10-day NOCN Cskills Level 1 Accredited Carpentry and Joinery Course. That’s because it is a course giving those who enrol the chance to complete three Cskills accredited units of training, in relation to three crucial aspects of carpentry: door lining, hanging a door, and skirting and architrave. A further unit on window frames can also be added as a ‘bolt-on’. 

Achieving all three of the essential Level 1 units will give you six credits and the opportunity to be awarded a NOCN Cskills unit accreditation certificate for ‘Skills for Carpentry & Joinery’. But what are the exact skills and knowledge that you can expect to acquire if you do commit to this course? 

Get your carpentry career off to the best possible start 

Our Level 1 course is specifically aimed at those who are interested in getting started in carpentry and joinery as a career, with an eye to eventually gaining the Cskills NVQ Level 2 in Site Carpentry. It is, then, a true beginner’s course, no prior experience in carpentry being needed before you embark on it – and this is reflected in how the course has been designed. 

As the course gets underway, then, you can expect to first learn about how to use the basic hand tools associated with this trade. These will include the different saws that are used for various woods, as well as chisels and how to correctly use them. 

You will then proceed to develop your skills in marking, cutting, and chiselling, by taking on a series of common woodwork joints of increasing levels of difficulty. That will provide the foundation for you to move on to such tasks as the building of a door frame, and the building of a stud partition with doorway. After that, you will get to handle architrave and skirting, including learning how to mite a skirting board on internal and external angles, as well as straight angle cuts. 

But there’s even more catered for in this comprehensive course

One of our hallmarks as one of the most trusted accredited centres for construction training, is a commitment to going beyond the basics. 

It is a policy that continues through our 10-day NOCN Cskills Level 1 Accredited Carpentry and Joinery Course, with the full breadth of important areas of carpentry covered also encompassing the likes of scribing joints to fit mouldings and skirting, terms used in partitioning, site carpentry operations included in second fixings, and much more. 

If you have any questions about what is and isn’t covered in this 10-day course, and if you would appreciate some more tailored advice on whether it could be the right training option for you, you are always welcome to give our team a call – on 01274 682199 – before you commit. 

Alternatively, feel free to send us an email via our online contact page. With our courses being delivered every week from Monday to Friday, we are confident that we will be able to provide you with this training on dates to suit you, if you do decide this route matches well with your circumstances and ambitions.    

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