8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Dynamics 365 Portal

Posted by CRMJetty on May 25th, 2022

Nowadays not only businesses, but also customers like to manage their data online. They want to have a view at their order history and profile and want to manage all the changes. All these can be done with a Dynamics 365 portal. The portal allows the business to show their CRM data to its users and allow them to manage it. Here are some reasons that will convince you to leverage a portal.

Customize Your Dashboard

One template cannot fulfill everyone’s needs. It must be customizable so that you can arrange according to your business requirements. All you must do is drag and drop the widgets that you require on your dashboard. Even the widgets are configurable to make it more customized. Thus, once you have finalized what widgets you need, you must select those widgets one by one and drop it where you want them on the dashboard. 

Added Security With Role-based Access

Not all information is for everyone. To save you from the risk of data leak, Dynamics 365 portal has a solution. With role-based access you can restrict the data based on the hierarchy formats, making only the relevant data accessible. This enhances security, helping you to manage operations in a better way. This feature is configurable, because you can change the access levels as and when required.

Have a 360° View

You can customize workflow in your CRM and portal as per your requirements of entities. You can use all the available entities and design the forms based on parent-child relationships in the CRM. You can have full control on configuring the entities as per your business needs. Thus, with a portal, you do not have to keep shuffling between different tools. You can have it all in a portal. Also, you can design the flow as per your needs.

Streamlined Admin Roles

Sharing the information and managing the users can get confusing. But the Dynamics 365 customer portal takes care of it. The admin can allow role-based access to the users. If you have multiple admins, then the main admin will allow role-based access to the other admins. Thus, only the main admin can allow the access and you do not have to worry about the data security.  

Run Your Own Queries

Every business is different and so it is obvious that their business requirements will also be different. They might want data by product name, date, or location. To have flexibility to fetch whichever data you want, the Dynamics 365 customer portal allows you to build FetchXML. Thus, you can select fields and generate queries whenever you want.

Power BI integration

The Dynamics 365 portal helps fetch data from the Power BI. It is extremely useful as it gives customer insights on the dashboard directly. The user interface is also simple and easy to understand so that users can seamlessly navigate. As you have real time data on what is going on, it is easier to take actions whenever needed. Thus, Power BI integration uplifts the usage of the custom dashboard for better productivity.

SharePoint Integration

Businesses must send the documents to their clients or customers on a regular basis. It is a difficult and time-consuming process of sending documents to everyone. But in Dynamics 365 with SharePoint Integration, it is much easier to share documents of any data on the CRM portal. Thus, such collaboration enhances the portal\'s workflow and reduces human error. Also, the admins save time on finding and sending data on the CRM. 

Data Security

For any business data security is always the priority. Especially when the business has to store data of its customers. When you use the Dynamics 365 portal, the data stays in the Dynamics CRM and the process will take place there only. Thus, you do not have to worry about any data leaks or breaches as the data stays in the CRM itself.


The Dynamics 365 customer portal helps you provide satisfactory customer support to your customers. The portals help in building brand image and value. These are the reasons that help a business scale. Thus, leveraging a portal with amazing features as discussed above will help you provide the best customer experience to your customers and make your business successful.

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