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Our association is arranged in Toyama (Japan). We have some mastery in movement of additional bits of a wide scope of equipment. Stand-out additional items for Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki, Isuzu, Yamaha, Kawasaki and various others. Picked spare parts for PITWORK, EXEDY, AISIN, KOYO, JTEKT and others

All through the years beginning around 2008, in Japan we have made strong associations with creators and suppliers of additional parts. This allowed us to diminish the costs of good, abridge movement time of items to our appropriation habitats, and treatment of endlessly demands.

We endeavor to present the most up on date spare parts inventories and handle demands.

On account of Russian talking capable and experienced staff, we open up wide access of Japanese product to business areas.

Our advantages:

Supply novel additional parts from maker\'s stockrooms in Japan,

Our parts stockroom in Japan and fast treatment of items (2-4 work days),

Low parts costs due to proximity to producers and remarkable strategies,

Door to door movement - worldwide transport of items to the clients entrance with the ability to follow the shipment quite far,

Different strategies for worldwide mail movement,

Positive movement of product for wholesalers and mass items through SEA to Vladivostok, then, transport associations in Russia,

Great packaging of items, at the level of «packaging for yourself»,

Trust from clients, open reviews without changing on our side.


Our association ensures that you will get the product from the maker\'s dissemination community that you demand, without substitutions and deception (* there is the decision of displacing file numbers),

PayPal - while moving resources through PayPal, you normally fall under the buyer\'s protection program. If there should be an occurrence of a trouble, you can open a discussion and return of resources. We ask you to meticulously scrutinize our Terms of direction and the information on the PayPal site before moving resources through PayPal,

in case of loss of the group at the hour of worldwide transport, we present an application for examine and after that an application for pay for hurt (subject to the surefire bundle). More organized information is in the Terms of direction and in the Tariffs and Dates on our site,

Open studies in the Internet.

We are client neighborly. We are searching for you!

On our site are presented a wide scope of additional parts records for vehicles, cruisers, bicycles, snowmobiles from different makers. We especially need to zero in on spare parts for vehicles from Japan. We convey spare parts from makers\' dispersion habitats in a short period of time, and you ought to have confidence that you demand the first from Japan at low expenses.

Quality assurance all parts pass serious quality control preceding leaving the vehicle. Japan esteems the reputation of its things and is obligated for it. While mentioning streak connections, fence, driving rod belts, oil seals or sets of turning conjunctures, you shouldn\'t pressure - the additional parts will continue going a surprisingly long time and bring you sureness.

Spare parts are conveyed from Japan by worldwide mail from one side of the planet to the other and sea transport to Vladivostok. E-Packet - profitable for light packages up to 2 kg EMS is for speed, SAL is for saving money.

Portion - you can pay for the product with a Mastercard in a matter of moments. All undertakings are performed on the portion structure - we don\'t see your data. Among the portion systems we want to include PayPal, PayAnyWay - second portion.

Quality Warranty

All SUZUKI spare parts are conveyed from makers\' dissemination communities in one of kind groups, boxes, with extraordinary stickers. We really want to zero in on the manner that many additional parts are given in lots of 10/100 pieces. For example: a producer made 10,000 screws with the number 01547-0640A, stuffed them in heaps of 10 pieces, appropriated them in stockrooms generally through the country and sent them to various countries. While you mentioning one screw 01547-0640A, the stockroom expert is constrained to dispose of it from the group and put it in an alternate one. From around 2014-2017, creators began to get a good deal on various things, which is the explanation workers much of the time put little parts in free packs and sign part number 01547-0640A the most difficult way possible or on a printed structure. We guarantee that these additional parts are conveyed unequivocally from the creator\'s appropriation place and at the vital number.


We convey parts picked in the Suzuki records by e-package, EMS, SAL, Sea to Vladivostok and all around the planet. E-package is a worldwide mail for little items with the ability to follow shipments to the recipient. More low down information is on our site in the transport.

Meaning of picking true parts in the rundown

You ought to use the parts files precisely to orchestrate the right parts.

You can buy an additional a section for your model of stuff essentially by name, this isn\'t completely apparent. May be the justification for breakdown and further damage to the equipment we request that you ask regarding whether you are mistaken for a choice.

Spare parts for YAMAHA outboards

Why is it basic to organize genuine parts? Special additional parts are an affirmation of steadfastness, quality from the equipment creator. All additional parts are attempted before leaving the vehicle and moved to the client. The creator has a quality support, mechanical data for every additional part. While mentioning the primary Yamaha, you ought to have confidence that these parts will use for a really long time.

Yamaha parts stock depends on the norm of searching for parts using engine power, model code or creation date. For example, 2004/4 cycles/Yamaha 50M - then, search for a social occasion of additional parts and rundown numbers.

Our association YUMBO is a herald in various pieces of mentioning, taking care of extra parts from Japan. We guarantee low reasonable expenses for spare parts from Japanese market, the idea of additional parts, taking care of speed and movement. Parts are taken care of in Japan at the stockrooms of makers, suppliers and in our appropriation place. We endeavored to figure out the collaboration to not feel all of the many-sided pieces of facilitated factors.

You can persistently find on our site spare parts for stock numbers, in files or through request by means of mail. Stickers, oil seals, channels, gaskets, chains, valves are notable. MADE IN JAPAN - 90% of additional parts are shown at labeol of parts, the extra 10% are the USA, China, Korea, Mexico, European countries. Expecting that you experience any difficulties with the decision of additional parts, we will give you answer by email or phone.

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