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Posted by AD SEO on May 25th, 2022

What is a Paid Newsletter?

Acta Diurna was the earliest physical newsletter found, published as early as 131 BC. These were government gazettes containing information for the public. News, military announcements, court news

The first known physical newsletter as we think of it, \"The Boston News-Letter\" appeared in 1704. It was a single sheet printed weekly and contained information of interest to Colonial Americans.

But Acta Diurna was the earliest physical newsletter found, published as early as 131 BC. These were government gazettes containing information for the public. News, military announcements, court news.

The first e-mail marketing message was sent in 1978 by a Digital Equipment Corp. employee named Gary Thuerk. He sent an e-mail blast to 400 recipients that resulted in million in sales. This is also considered to be the first spam message.

The company PaidLetter.Com publishes the Single Operated Newsletter.

Putting aside the point that it probably should have been called the \"Single Operator Newsletter\" let\'s dive in.

The Single Operated Newsletter gives you a complimentary week of the publication.

Billed as \"A Powerful Global Newsletter that Reveals the Secrets of How to Convert Skeptical Prospects into Paying Customers\".

Yes, a bold statement.

But here are the things I am learning as a paying subscriber.

Let me sidebar to mention that there are a host of platforms that will let you send a newsletter. A shortlist includes:

- Substack

- Patreon


- Ghost

- Letterdrop

- MailerLite

- Medium

- Wattpad

- Buttondown

There are other ways to send out a one-person deep newsletter from your kitchen table, bedroom, or anywhere on the planet with internet access.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of PaidLetter.Com is that these other platforms give you the mechanics to send an email newsletter. But they don\'t specialize in the \"psychology that converts readers into subscribers\".

In addition, PaidLetter.Com has a Proprietary System to generate new subscribers.

After subscribing to the single operator newsletter I am working on a newsletter on the topic of addiction.

I am learning why a newsletter with paying subscribers is preferable to many of the current online money making options:

1) Selling physical products on Amazon  (Which I have tried - in the beginning, it was good but competition has killed it).

2) Dropshipping 

3) Real Estate

4) Stock Market

5) Coaching

6) Airbnb Arbitrage

7) Food Truck

8) Car Wash

9) Laundrymat

10) Crypto

11) Network Marketing

12) Freelancing

13) Digital or Marketing Agency

Most of the businesses in the list above require significant capital to start. (Except for MLM and Freelancing which don\'t work for me).

Starting a paid newsletter may be the most inexpensive business to start online that can return six to seven figures one-person deep.

The reason that this approach to income generation is appealing is that I am an introvert.

The thought of making telephone sales calls actually makes me nauseous! (Not kidding).

The bonus benefits:

- Does not involve any telephone time or selling.

- Easier to do around a full-time work schedule.

- Digital product delivery can be scheduled making it largely passive.

- Remote nature makes it easy to work anywhere.

But I digress.

Some of the more powerful strategies I have learned include:

- The addictive impact of the shiny object syndrome and why it defeats any real success online (or elsewhere).

- Most lucrative subscription models that generate the most income. This information is the reason why I have chosen the topic of addiction.

- Problems with the platforms mentioned earlier and the importance of having more control.

- There are a couple of very expensive books on marketing and advertising and the mechanisms that made them so popular are dissected in the newsletter.

- How easy the technology is to use to create your paid newsletter. 

- The importance of attention and how to leverage it.  This was enlightening to me. I recently read that onliners have the attention span of a goldfish (about 6 seconds).

- Dangers of the \"Free Line\". This term was made popular by a famous online marketer. But as I have learned most new marketers have no idea how to use it correctly. I was among them until learning this.

- Controversy and removing refunds. This is a bold move but in today\'s climate, it will help you separate the serious consumers from freebie junkies. It also shows you how to handle digital product theft!

That\'s just a small sample of what I have learned in a couple of months. This information has been vital for my project. 

Based on the mechanisms, strategies, and inside secrets, you will learn I strongly believe it\'s certainly worth the price tag.

I have not taken the PaidLetter Fortune Training Course yet. But I have been so impressed with their newsletter that I just might.

Here\'s the URL:

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