6.8 meter medium truck also has large sleeper. Who do you like

Posted by bruce zhu on May 26th, 2022

6.8 meter medium truck also has large sleeper. Who do you like

Recently, the epidemic situation has been repeated, and different sealing and control measures have been introduced everywhere, so many card friends are stranded on the highway. Tractor users are better. After all, they are designed for long-distance travel, and there is still plenty of rest space.

However, the 6.8m medium card users are not so comfortable. Limited by the cab space, the sleeper of medium card is often roast by card friends that it is difficult to turn over like a pigeon cage. In order to solve this problem, today we will introduce several 6.8m medium trucks with large sleeper.

Paragraph 1: HOWO t5g

As the latest 6-meter-8 model of SINOTRUK, HOWO t5g is a medium and high-end medium-sized card that focuses on user needs and is customized for truck scenes. Since its listing, it has won a good reputation among card users with excellent product quality.

This Jiefang HOWO pays great attention to the user\'s driving experience. It is equipped with a half high top cab, with excellent internal space performance and exquisite interior workmanship. Many parts are wrapped in leather, which makes it feel very good.

It is worth mentioning that because of the large internal space, this car is equipped with an ultra wide sleeper, with a maximum width of nearly 80cm, which is very rare in cars of the same level.

In terms of power, the real model adopts a liberation power, the specific model is ca4dk1-22e6, with a displacement of 4.8L, which meets the national emission standard of vi. The maximum output power is 162kw (220 HP), the maximum output torque is 850 nm, and the maximum torque speed range is 1200-1700rpm.

The transmission system is matched with an 8-speed fast transmission, and the model is 8js85tc. The transmission adopts overdrive design, and the maximum gear speed ratio is 0.79.

In terms of chassis, this car is equipped with 378 cast axle, and the rear axle speed ratio is 4.875. The bearing capacity and reliability are very excellent.

Section 2: Chenglong H5

Speaking of the 6.8m medium truck market, there must be Liuqi Chenglong. Whether it is the market reputation or the overall configuration of the vehicle, it will bring us no small surprises, and this Chenglong H5 truck is no exception.

The cab configuration of this car can be called luxurious. Firstly, the space is amazing, with a width of 2.3 meters and an inner height of 1.92 meters. The interior adopts the color matching of black and red. The color depth is appropriate, which makes people very relaxed.

The main driver uses an airbag shock-absorbing seat, which has functions such as seat heating and ventilation, and is equipped with armrest and lumbar support. A 220V maximum 300W on-board power supply is added under the sleeper, with an electric rice cooker. It is very convenient to cook some rice and boil boiling water at ordinary times.

The sleeper design of this Chenglong H5 is also well written. The co pilot\'s seat rotates, the backrest turns to the front, and then the folded lower sleeper is opened to form a 1-meter-wide super sleeper. This design is novel and easy to operate.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a Yuchai engine, the model is ycs06270-60, and the displacement is 6.23l, which meets the emission standard of national VI. the maximum output power reaches 270 horsepower, and the power level also belongs to the first echelon among vehicles of the same level.

The transmission system is matched with fast\'s 8-speed gearbox, the specific model is 8js105ta, with synchronizer structure, easy and simple shifting, the head gear ratio is 8.08, the top gear ratio is 0.72, and the large gear ratio will make the vehicle have better starting ability

Section 3: Dongfeng Tianjin Kr plus

Many card friends buy 6.8m trucks for lvtong transportation, and what lvtong transportation pays most attention to is timeliness. This 290 horsepower Dongfeng Tianjin Kr plus can well meet the needs of users. Of course, it also has a super large sleeper.

Dongfeng Tianjin Kr plus cab adopts a nearly flat floor design with ample space. The main driver\'s seat is equipped with air bag damping seat, which has multiple adjustment, seat ventilation and other functions. It is worth mentioning that although it is a truck, its sleeper is no worse than that of the tractor. The width of the lower sleeper is up to 1.2 meters. It is quite comfortable to lie down. The driver doesn\'t have to worry about accommodation at all.

In terms of power, this Dongfeng Tianjin Kr plus is equipped with a Cummins engine, the specific model is D6 7NS6B290? The displacement of this engine is 6.7L, which meets the national six emission standards. Its maximum output power is 213kw and the maximum output power is 290Hp. When the speed reaches 1000-1600rpm, the peak torque can be 1100 nm. Such dynamic parameters have few rivals in cars of the same level.

This engine is matched with the fast eight speed gearbox, the specific model is 8js125ta, the first gear speed ratio is 11.26, and the highest gear is direct gear. The speed ratio covers a wide range and has strong adaptability to different road conditions. Fast\'s products are of reliable quality and convenient for later maintenance.

The rear axle speed ratio of this Dongfeng Tianjin Kr plus is 3.91, and the leaf spring adopts the form of 8 / 10 + 8, which has better bearing performance. The wheelbase is 5000mm and the body size is 9x2 55x3. 94 meters.

  • postscript:

With its excellent transportation efficiency and low operating cost, the 6.8-meter-long Zhongka has become a favorite model of card users. However, many people roast that its sleeper is too narrow, and these cars can solve this problem. So which car do you like best? Welcome to the comments section.

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