Facts About Savaria Home Elevators in Frankfort, IL and Madison, WI

Posted by accesselevatordotnet on June 13th, 2022

It is common knowledge that America is aging slowly but surely. The baby boomers are struggling with the advancement of age and its related problems too. It is not surprising to learn that almost 50% of US citizens face mobility issues and are unable to access their entire homes today. Shifting to a small, more compact home is not always the ideal solution, nor does the prospect of moving into assisted facility seem attractive. The best alternative in such circumstances would be to install a device that enables easy mobility, especially up and down the stairs. It pays to opt for one of the high-quality Savaria home elevators in Frankfort, IL, and Madison, WI, instead of trying to move with a walking stick or walker.

Recent statistics indicate that the number of individuals interested in the installation of home elevators has been growing steadily. Savaria has emerged as one of the most popular brands across the nation too. Some of the points that are sure to generate an eagerness for Savaria products, especially its range of home elevators, include the following aspects:

Safety- Savaria has established a stellar reputation for the safety of its features, materials, and construction design. There have been complaints in the past, but this manufacturer has earned the trust of its clients once again by eliminating the gap between the cab door and the exterior landing space. This has mitigated the risk of small children and the elderly being injured inadvertently. Savaria not only complies with the safety standards of the “American Society of Mechanical Engineers” (ASME) but also makes sure to request inspection by the state and local authorities after installing its products!

 Cost- This is usually the deciding factor when individual hope to install a home elevator. Savaria offers their products at the same rate as its competitors. The final price may be deemed too much for consumers who require remodeling their home structures. Regular maintenance and frequent upgrades are sure to burn a hole in the pocket too. Despite the exalted price, most customers remain satisfied with the outcome and find the price justified and cost-effective.

Customer Service: Savaria is noted for its exemplary customer service. The user would have to approach the dealer to obtain the required assistance. General information and troubleshooting advice are provided by the manufacturer, however. For timely resolution, all maintenance and technical issues must be forwarded to the concerned dealer.

Types of Savaria Home Elevators

A prospective user can choose between the following models and then have it installed at the earliest:

  •  Eclipse- Modular design
  •  Infinity- Soundless ride
  •  Zenith- Luxury product
  •  Vuelift- Glass-encased elevator that ensures easier fit
  •  Telecab- It can be installed inside one’s home and travels through the floor and ceiling. It comes in four different cab sizes.

Elderly citizens may consider the installation of curved stairlifts in DeKalb and Chicagoland, IL, to navigate curved stairways or ones that include a wide landing in between two floors.

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