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Usage of canopies and awnings has served as effective solutions for keeping out the intense heat during the daytime. Protection from other natural elements is also possible by installing quality canopies for residents, business establishments, and public organizations. One is spoilt for choices when trying to select an appropriate shading solution. Metal, especially lightweight aluminum, comes with many benefits, making it the first choice of consumers worldwide. The simple and innovative perforated metal canopy has superseded aluminum canopies of late, with almost every user expressing satisfaction.

Well, the perforated metal can offer much more than shading the frontage of windows of a property. Some of its uses that have been advantageous for the consumers irrespective of their professions include the following unique applications:

Stair balustrades- The perforated metal canopy can be used to provide a railing to a low-lying balcony or to prevent fall accidents from a wide ledge of the property. One can also use it to create a barrier between two covered spaces with the perforated metal being installed as a floor-to-ceiling partition.

Walkway- This type of canopies is ideal for providing a distinct walking area that connects two individual building structures. Commercial areas, institutions, and open living spaces find these canopies perfectly suited to their purpose.

External Screen- Using the canopy to screen off a portion of a residence or private business establishment ensures privacy without damaging the aesthetics. The canopy doubles up as an enclosure that may also be used to provide support to elderly individuals trying to enter the premises. In other words, it can serve the purpose of a handrail too.

Attractive Facade- It can be used to enclose a small area that presents an interesting and attractive facade to the viewers. It can be a perfect addition to a garden or as a fireplace screen that does not obliterate the entire view allowing the user to note the dangers well in advance.

Outdoor Awning- A perforated canopy is an ideal product to be used as an outdoor awning. It offers complete protection by keeping the harmful UV Rays and rain out. Moreover, the shadows created by the play of the sunlight on the perforations are genuinely wonderful and artistic.

Decor- Many interior designers favor using parts of perforated metal for detailing the interiors of a home/office! Having such decorations at strategic points of a steel and glass building helps to downplay its starkness.

Small retail stores located away from the busy areas of the city find store awnings to be most effective in keeping out the natural elements and providing shelter to visitors who get caught in the rain or snow. Installing the awnings over the window can provide a superior surface for advertising the new products and announcing lucrative deals & discounts too. In short, the awnings installed at the entrance and over display windows can significantly improve one’s brand value.

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