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Posted by promedsolutions123 on June 14th, 2022

The eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in the human body and need appropriate care to keep the vision intact. Unfortunately, even the best care may not be enough when one experiences dryness of the eyes, irritability, or itchiness. Aging is yet another reason that weakens one’s eyesight bit. The natural lens loses its transparency as cataract begins to clod the vision when one reaches and exceeds the age of 40-50. The vision change is not dramatic, however. On the contrary, many telltale indications point towards cataract formation.

Surgery is the only known way of getting rid of the unnatural protein on the lens. Most individuals are scared of needles; some may try to postpone them as far as possible. That would only aggravate the problem and compromise the visual acuity further. A fear of needles may be resolved by learning that modern technology has resulted in bladeless cataract surgery in Boca Raton and Palm Beach, FL, which is believed to be more beneficial.

The ophthalmologist will refer the patient to an experienced eye surgeon who will perform the procedure. The concerned patient would be informed about the Bladeless Femto Laser Surgery in detail so that it becomes easier to make an informed decision about the necessary surgery.

Interestingly, the steps followed during the procedure are identical to a traditional type of cataract-removal surgery. Still, no-scalpel or blade is utilized to cut the cataract-riddled lens. Instead, the damaged lens would be removed with the help of a computerized laser technique. One is likely to hear it being referred to as a combination of live OCT-guided imaging and Lensx Femtosecond laser technique.

Bladeless Surgery Procedure

The procedure involves using a couple of precise laser systems to ensure precision. The process is done in two stages. Initially, a tiny cut is made to the cornea with the help of a laser, and a flap is created. A second laser is then used to reshape the tissue of the cornea. The “Small Incision Lenticule Extraction,” known by its acronym SMILE, does not have any flap created, however. The damaged lens is removed through a tiny 2mm incision instead.

Advantages of the Bladeless Surgery Procedure

There are multiple reasons to opt for laser surgery without the use of blades. Some of the pluses that inspire patients to go for this advanced technology include the following aspects:

  •  Exceedingly short recovery time
  •  Absolutely precise surgery
  •  Rare chances of errors
  •  It is an improved form of the LASIK surgery that does not use sharp cutting tools either
  •  The surgeon receives information about the nature of the lens via image mapping done by ultrasound energy
  •  The laser also breaks the cataract into fragments and emulsifies it for easy removal
  •  This is a safer procedure with the risks of injury, and human error is reduced substantially

The bladeless surgery is a trifle more expensive than the traditional cataract surgery in Boca Raton and Plantation, FL making it more suitable for patients with a limited budget.

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