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Posted by Whitaker Gissel on June 14th, 2022

Owning a second home can provide an excellent opportunity to earn an additional income. Unfortunately, having a property well away from one’s primary residence can be problematic in terms of managing a rental. Trying to find tenants, arranging to show the property, and obtaining the rent while taking care of the maintenance can be pretty taxing! That does not mean that the second home would have to remain vacant until it is time to sell it off. Renting it out is a great way to ensure proper maintenance and get a steady source of income at the same time. The best way to take care of everything hassle-free would be to engage the services of an experienced home property manager in Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ.

Paying a few dollars for such services is justified, with most homeowners expressing satisfaction after finding the right property manager. One is sure of getting the following gains when a competent property manager is around to shoulder the responsibility:

Marketing- A property, regardless of being put up for sale or rent, has to be marketed properly. Property managers have usually experienced realtors who are well informed about how the system works. Presenting the property in the right light with beautiful photographs helps invite prospective tenants. Besides, the manager knows when and where to post the advertisement to reach out to the target audience.

Screening Tenants- Not every person expressing interest in renting the property is a good tenant. One needs to screen the list of enthusiastic individuals and select the right one. The property manager would take over this onus willingly too. Noting the red flags and verifying information is simple for a professional. The property owner is assured of obtaining the right tenant without doing any legwork.

Timely Payment- First-time landlords are often harassed by their tenants, putting off paying the rent for months by stating insufficient income. Taking legal action against such tenants is time taking and mentally unsettling too. It is advisable to leave this exercise to the manager, who would be well aware of the techniques to obtain the rent and take necessary action without bothering the landlord. Moreover, such tenants could be evicted as and when required with the help of the manager.

Low Vacancy- A property should be rented regularly to justify its expenses. Unfortunately, a landlord who is located in another state or out of the country may not be able to get tenants in quick succession. Such lapses are covered perfectly by the property manager, who has the rent agreement drawn up in advance and markets the property as often as needed, stating the facts while downplaying the flaws. This helps keep the home occupied most of the time, with the source of income never drying up completely.

Real estate experts recommend contacting a reputed realtor or real estate company when it is time to buy houses in Gainey Ranch and Scottsdale, AZ.

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