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It is known that cultural tourism in Vietnam goes hand in hand with other types of ecotourism, resort or adventure tourism, bringing more interesting travel experiences than ever before. This type of tourism takes you to explore the cultural tourist sites of a country or region, both to sightsee and to expand knowledge, as well as experience. Cultural tourism can help contribute to the promotion of various types of national identities, and attract the authorities to pay more attention to cultural preservation.


Source: Baodantoc

Why is cultural tourism in Vietnam worth trying? 

Vietnam possesses a massive system of historical - cultural relics, scenic spots at the national or local level, stretching across the country. Along with that is a system of festivals, traditional craft villages, unique culinary culture, cultural - artistic heritages, folk arts, museums… These are extremely valuable tourism resources with unique cultural characteristics of Vietnam, an important part in creating strengths for the country’s tourism. For three consecutive years (2019 - 2021), Vietnam was voted by the World Travel Awards (WTA) as “Asia's Leading Cultural Destination”.

Currently, there are three forms of cultural tourism in Vietnam - spiritual, tangible and intangible culture, representing the rich history of this country. Physical cultural products are the result of daily activities of local people, which are pictures, art, tools or literature, typically Dong Son bronze drums. In contrast, intangible culture includes invisible values, such as folk songs and proverbs, folk performances, myths, songs, and art tunes. Meanwhile, spiritual cultural tourism includes tourism activities associated with beliefs, religions or special spiritual values. Some most famous places for cultural tourism in Vietnam that you can choose from include:

Top places for cultural tourism in Vietnam

Phuong Nam cultural tourist area

Phuong Nam tourist area is an attractive cultural tourist destination, where images of an ancient southern village are kept the most authentic. Exploring the place, you can get interesting experiences of learning about the life and production of the ancient Southern residents. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to visit the memorial works of historical figures with merits to the southern land. This place has 5 main areas: Dang family museum, Southern museum house, Nam Phuong Linh Tu, Dang clan Nam Phuong Linh Tu, and the surrounding long corridor. Among them, Nam Phuong Linh Tu temple is the most outstanding work, built in the ancient style of Hue traditional “ruong” house. 

Suoi Tien cultural tourist area - an ideal place for cultural tourism in Vietnam

This is an entertainment complex that integrates fun activities with famous historical images and legends of Vietnam such as Lac Long Quan - U Co, Son Tinh Thuy Tinh, King Hung, etc. From the design, Suoi Tien tourist site is divided into 4 impressive areas according to folk beliefs, about the four spirit beasts Long - Ly - Quy - Phung, and the five elements Metal - Wood - Water - Fire - Earth. The sightseeing and entertainment works here are a unique combination of monumental scale, modern science, technology techniques and cultural symbols, making history less boring.

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Cultural tourism in Hue


Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam - Source: Kha Vo

Hue - a nice place for cultural tourism in Vietnam is a land with a long history, glorious revolutionary tradition, numerous historical relics, cultural heritages and hundreds of special festivals, imbued with national culture. Coming here, you will discover many unique, typical and outstanding cultural spaces, such as the Complex of Hue Monuments, Hue Court Music, which has been recognized as a World Cultural Heritage. There are also many documentary heritages recognized by UNESCO such as Woodblocks of the Nguyen Dynasty, Poetry on Hue royal architecture,…

Cultural tourism in Da Nang city

Cultural heritages in Da Nang are increasingly being exploited to become the foundation for sustainable development for cultural tourism in Vietnam. Some tourist sites are vestiges of interesting historical and cultural significance, such as Dien Hai Citadel historical site, Hai Van Quan relic, Khue Trung Nghia valley relic… There is also Ngu Hanh Son scenic spot, which is a famous spiritual and cultural tourist destination in this city.

Cultural tourism in Can Tho City

The large number of tourists flocking to this land is proof that Can Tho has been exploiting its advantages of cultural resources, traditional craft villages… Garden tourism to orchards full of fruits is a special feature here, along with other destinations such as Cai Rang floating market, My Khanh tourist village, Binh Thuy ancient house, etc.

Cultural tourism in Ho Chi Minh City

In recent years, Saigon has been one of the most focused places to promote the development of cultural tourism in Vietnam. There is a system of museums and revolutionary relics, such as Nha Rong Wharf, City Theater, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office, Saigon Independence Palace, and Ben Thanh Market… 

However,  the rapid growth of tourism in Vietnam has posed challenges: many cultural heritages have been over-commercialized, degrading traditional values and losing their identities, and so on. Therefore, cultural tourism in Vietnam is gradually receiving more attention from the government, in order to develop in a sustainable way.

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