Fashion and Style Guide: Leather Biker Jacket Men

Posted by Leatherwear on June 15th, 2022

First worn as a flight jacket in the early 90s, the leather biker jacket mens is now essential clothing for men for more than 100 years. But knowing how to wear the right type of jacket is not easy for many. 

Different brands offer a plethora of styles of jackets steeped in contemporary trends and sub cultural references. Cowboys, preppy lads, bikers, punks, and mods are all delights of leather and today’s at leisure enthusiasts. 

So with so many choices, how to wear a leather jacket? Read on to know a comprehensive yet simple guide on wearing this fashion item; it doesn’t matter the occasion or personal preference.

1-   Leather jackets for bikers


These are slim-fit, and this is the reason they are asymmetrical jackets. The collars are designed in lapel style, and many have shoulder epaulettes. 

The most popular colour is black; however, other colours like brown are also available. Motorcyclists love wearing these colours. These are called leather jackets because motorcyclists understand how important gears are before the ride. 

2-   Bomber jacket


This is the latest addition in jackets inspired by the flight jacket. The middle section is loose; they have zips in front closure, and the cuffs and waist are fitted with knit fabric. 

Men can wear it casually, but if paired with the right accessories and clothing, such as perfect shades, smart pants, and a crisp shirt, you will look dapper. In other words, it’s a good look to wear, so you’ll know why wearing this jacket is a must. 


3-   racer jacket


This jacket is inspired by the gear racers wear. Various motorcyclists prefer wearing these while riding because of their road abrasion and robust nature. The cuffs and front have zips, and the collars are stab-buttoned. They are called café racer jackets. 

4-   Field jacket


Men in the military inspire these jackets. The one thing that makes this jacket different from others is its four-pocket in front. The coat fits best for utility purposes. If you are going on camping or hiking, this is for you. The lightweight jacket has a lot of space for 2-3 layers inside. Many people love wearing these in brown colour, but you can also get them in different colours. 

Bottom Line


These are some best leather biker jacket mens, and now it’s up to you to choose one. But before purchasing, make sure the jacket’s leather is genuine, so it lasts longer. 

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