Qualities of a Payment Gateway Provider In The UK That Removes In Securities Of Merchants

Posted by EskakPay on June 15th, 2022

Merchants all across the UK have a desperate demand for payment gateway providers that can design the best payment solutions for them. In the past few years, the market has become quite unpredictable. Besides, the recent chaos of war in some countries has made the international economy more uncertain.

Businesses with international reach are more insecure about their future. The high-risk industries are more worried due to their existing threats of fraud and chargeback. As a result, the merchants look for a payment gateway provider in the UK that can bring them out of all insecurities.

Uptime guarantee

If a business website can run round-the-clock, its payment gateway should also be available. If a website is working, but its payment service is down, you can say that the business is also down. But it is not the case in the UK; here, the payment gateways give an uptime guarantee, and they are available 24x7. Businesses like e-commerce, adult entertainment, online gaming, etc., cannot afford a payment gateway that does not work during late night hours. Similarly, the visitors may also visit the website in the early morning hours. Thanks to the online payment solutions in the United Kingdom that never disappoints the merchants on this aspect. Whenever you finalize a company for the service, always check that it offers you uptime guaranteed. No matter how minor is your contract with the payment gateway, 24x7 availability is vital. You may end the contract with the company in just one month, but you may lose hundreds of customers in that one month.

No gap between commitment and implementation

The payment gateway companies in the UK always complete what they commit, and the merchants are impressed with this professionalism. The service providers bring a deal to the table for the merchant that they can achieve and implement. It is not an exaggeration to mention that the payment solutions in the UK are one of the best in the world. The advanced economy here is working due to the regular and proficient payment solutions to the businesses. Merchants from low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk industries are satisfied due to customized and committed services. Due to this quality, finding a suitable payment provider here is not rocket science.

Omnichannel payment facility helps in business expansion

Today, customers expect options when they make payments. The single vote does not work and even creates obstacles to the growth of a commercial entity. The payment solution companies in the UK offer the best experience to company owners in this concern. Multiple payment alternatives are available today. It is not only the part of the trend but also the demand of the hour. Mobile payments, IVR, bank transfer, crypto payment, integrated voice response, over-the-phone payments, etc., are already available with many payment gateways. EskayPay payment gateway provider in the UK provides every merchant with multiple options according to his business needs. It is helpful for the companies planning for business expansion in new locations of the same country or new countries.

Uncompromised security

ACCORDING TO A RESEARCH, HACKERS TRY TO ATTACK IN EVERY 39 SECONDS. The data is seriously annoying and frightening. An online payment gateway should, first of all, work on the security of the payment network. Safety concerns are always prime when a merchant approaches a payment solution company. The gateway companies in the UK offer a multi-factor authentication network which you can also call 3D secure technology, a vital part of PCI-DSS. Besides it, the encryption system keeps the customer information safe. A merchant needs to offer a safe payment experience to the customer. In recent years, technology has enhanced, but at the same time, hackers and tricky minds are also getting cunningly smarter.

Track the trend

As a business, a payment gateway should keep track of the trend. Merchants act according to consumer behavior and their payment priorities. Whether a company is searching for the best payment gateway for a small business or an established brand looking to switch its payment gateway provider, the trend is essential. We all know how things have changed how people want to pay for the products and the services. Today we have flip phones; mobile companies keep launching new versions of their mobile phones with advanced features. It means that a payment gateway company should always know what is going on in the market. Similarly, crypto payments may not be viral now, but some credit card companies have started accepting them. If a merchant with such a payment option connects with a payment gateway, the latter should have arrangements according to this new trend.

Account updater functionality

Account updater is a feature provided by a payment gateway provider in the UK that automatically updates about expired or lost credit cards. It saves time and prevents any disturbance in the cash flow. High-risk merchants specifically demand this feature when they connect with a solution provider. Some companies may not have this feature; that is why it is good if you always confirm from the gateway company in advance. Account updater simplifies things for the merchants as well as customers. It reduces the unnecessary burden on the customer care providers. All leading payment solution companies provide this feature. Most solution providers will implement this facility in their packages in the coming years. It has been noticed that companies that offer both payment gateway and merchant account services have an account updater feature.


The above features are present in payment gateway providers in the UK, and merchants can plan their growth efforts easily. When customers are happy with the payment experience, they are sure to return to you. The recurring visit of the visitors helps the business owners retain the buyers and earn a lot of profit. Every business owner knows that the overall growth of a commercial entity depends on the quality of payment gateway services it takes. To survive in the challenging market, a merchant must ensure that he has all the arrangements to get paid faster by his customers.

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