4 off-beat places to visit in Goa

Posted by amrina alshaikh on June 15th, 2022

4 off-beat places to visit in Goa

We are all aware that Goa is relatively simple to access thanks to its very good road and railway networks. However, many of us find ourselves in the same stereotyped areas on Goa trips since we are unaware of the quirky sites in Goa that we might visit. You may be wondering now. So is there anything in Goa worthwhile seeing outside the beaches and clubs?

There is, after all, one. We will go through a couple of places in this piece. Yes, Goa is famed for its party atmosphere, but there are many secret beaches, forts, and other attractions that most of us have never heard of.

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Visit these off-beat places if you’re visiting Goa.

1. Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount

The Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount, situated on a tiny mountain in Goa, is a quiet site, so most visitors to Goa miss it. However, if you enjoy antique buildings and tranquil settings surrounded by nature, you would enjoy this church in Old Goa. While the peace surrounding the church is certainly a reason to visit this location in Goa, there is also a reason why you need to make the trip here.

2. Fontainhas

The entire region is extremely vibrant as a result of the Portuguese influence, and it has such a strong Portuguese influence that even the buildings and stores erected here reflect Portuguese architectural ideals. As a result, there are many houses in the little alleys with colored terraces and rooftops in various hues such as red, green, and yellow. Among the most remarkable aspects of Fontainhas is that Portuguese is still extensively spoken here. So, visit and enjoy the ambiance of this location by exploring the streets and taking in the vivid atmosphere.

3. Harvalem Waterfall

Harvalem waterfall, located in the Arvalem town in northern Goa, is amongst the most unusual sites to see in Goa. While it is not as spectacular as the Dudhsagar waterfall, it is a nice place to visit if you enjoy waterfalls and spend some peaceful time amid a green forest. Because this waterfall is hidden from the rest of the world, it provides you with the seclusion that most waterfalls do not.

4. Sao Jacinto Island

If you are planning a trip to Goa, one of the most peculiar things to do in Goa is to drive to Sao Jacinto Island, which is located near Vasco Da Gama.

What people enjoyed most about this little island in the Zuari river’s estuary was how serene and relaxing it was here, where they could spend most of their time staring at the water and people in boats spreading out daily fishing nets for the day.

These are the best four off-beat places you should visit in Goa and enjoy the most. The most important thing is don’t forget to book your New Delhi to Goa flights in advance.

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