Gold And Loan Pawn Shop and its benefits

Posted by chirag on June 15th, 2022

Unlike banks and microfinance organizations, the pawnshop procedure is much simpler, since the client provides material collateral, that is, the loan is secured. The bank can also issue security or guarantee, but this is due to a large number of formalities and does not guarantee a positive decision. The main advantages of the pledge of jewelry:

The Gold And Loan Pawn Shop can offer various amounts that are suitable for financing a wide variety of tasks: from a small shortage of liquid funds to paying for studies or a wedding celebration. Of the documents, only a passport is needed, while a bank may need to prepare a whole package of documents, including those that are difficult to issue (a certificate of income from work, etc.). In most cases, only a few minutes pass from the moment the jewelry is handed over to the specialist before the loan is issued.

Loan rates are much more profitable than real effective rates in banks and are simply incomparable with the rates of microfinance organizations. The pawnshop is fully responsible for the safety of the item transferred by the pledge, and therefore you can be sure that nothing threatens your product. Many of the clients even use collateral as a way of safe storage with a "bonus" in the form of a profitable loan. Jewelry is a universal way to get money without significant overpayments and financial losses. The fact is that these products cannot be called essential items, and therefore their temporary delivery to a pawnshop will not cause too much trouble. At the same time, a reduced cost of using the loan and all the advantages listed above are achieved.

Pawn Shop Diamond Rings have more than 15 years of experience working with jewelry and have developed an optimal scheme of cooperation for customers. Here are the key advantages that our pawn shop offers:
Reliable legal protection of the client's interests: An official contract is being drawn up, in which all the parameters are fixed, therefore, by temporarily parting with the decoration, you can be sure that your interests are fully protected, and you will be able to return it safely.

Gems are taken into account when evaluating: Most pawnshops ignore precious stones, thereby significantly underestimating the estimated value. They have gemological experts who will conduct a thorough and professional examination. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other precious stones are accepted. A wide range of accepted products: It is possible to hand over the gold of rare samples, including alloys with a low content of pure gold. They also work with silver, platinum, and palladium, that is, all the metals from which the vast majority of jewelry is made. The standard loan term is 30 days, there is also an additional grace period of 31 days, which creates a comfortable period for repayment of the loan. The grace period of using the loan is not subject to penalty interest. In addition, there is a possibility of prolongation of the contract.

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