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Posted by Nichrome India Ltd on June 15th, 2022

Nichrome India’s expertise and experience in milk packaging are well known. The foundations were laid over four decades ago when Nichrome designed and manufactured India’s first homegrown milk pouch packaging machine in reply to the Government of India’s call for cost-effective indigenous packaging technology to support and catalyse India’s White Revolution. Nichrome’s first Filpack machine was commissioned at the Kurla Dairy, Mumbai, from where milk pouches were first commercially distributed on 7th March 1977. 

Since that incredible feat, Nichrome has only been augmenting and developing its capabilities and offerings for milk packaging with every subsequent decade. Nichrome today offers automated packaging machines and integrated packaging systems for a diverse range of dairy products including liquid (milk, buttermilk, flavoured milk), viscous (ghee, vanaspati, curd) and powders (dairy whiteners, milk powder). Nichrome’s range of dairy packaging machines and systems bring with them pertinent common advantages such as a compact, maintenance-friendly construction, high-speed performance, exemplary hygiene standards, and accurate filling and sealing. 

Nichrome’s Milk Packaging Systems 

Nichrome has designed a revolutionary primary packaging + secondary packaging combination for the milk industry. It is made up of Nichrome’s Filpack Servo 12K and a Milk Pouch Crating System. 

Filpack Servo 12K 

The pride of Nichrome’s milk packaging portfolio, the Filpack Servo 12K is the fastest milk pouch packaging machine with a speed of 12,000 packs/hour. 

Features of Filpack Servo 12K: 

-       CSPP pouches of co-extruded LDPE in SKUs of 200 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml

-       Independent balance tanks for flexibility to handle single or multiple products simultaneously

-       Can pack free-flow liquids such as flavoured milk, lassi, juice, mineral water

-       Minimal spillage and wastage

-       Fully stainless steel structure, digital heat control system that provides maximum accuracy with a                 separate control panel box

-       Built-in jumbo roll with a web tracking attachment

-       Easy to set and change recipes and quantity through the HMI panel

-       Machine operations can be controlled using a remote control and machine automation can be accessed          remotely through a state-of-the-art ‘Data Over Internet’ feature

-       The insulated tanks installed in this system maintain product temperature and minimize energy                     consumption 

Flexible milk pouches are not self-supporting, so they compulsorily need secondary packaging. Also, since these pouches are packed at high speeds by Nichrome’s Filpack Servo 12K milk filling machine, manually lifting them in crates for transportation isn’t just slow, it could be inaccurate too. 

Automatic Milk Pouch Crating System 

Nichrome’s Automatic Milk Pouch Crating System brings to the table a complementary secondary packaging solution that counts and fills pouches in crates in synchronization with Nichrome’s high-speed milk pouch packaging Filpack Servo 12K machine. This helps make the process systematic, automated and quick. It also helps to maintain the quality and food safety standards while keeping a count of the number of pouches and crates. 

Advantages of Nichrome’s Crating System: 

  • This system can be custom-made as per the floor layout and number of machines
  • A complete end-of-the-line solution, from crate washing to cold storage
  • Fully automated solution that reduces labour
  • Keeps the secondary packing process hygienic and modern
  • Enhances productivity
  • Independent of speed of machines/number of heads
  • Independent of the volume of pouches
  • Every crate has the correct pouch count
  • Optional features include data logging and online crate weighing. The entire data of the production process can be logged and saved in the Cloud or central server system
  • Optional Online Leak Detection Mechanism in which each pouch from the conveyor is passed through a pressing conveyor which removes excess air from the pouch, through which operators can readily differentiate leaky pouches 


Nichrome's demonstrated expertise in dairy products packaging technology is well renowned - not just in India but in other countries too. Nichrome offers multiple packaging solutions for dairy products such as milk, lassi, buttermilk, curd, cream, ghee, and even dairy whitener and milk powder.

If you’re on the lookout for a seamlesslyintegrated milk packaging system that can deliver efficient, trouble-free performance every day for a sustained period of time, connect with Nichrome. Nichrome will carry out a detailed study of your operations, requirements, space and facilities to provide you with a complete customized solution. As a result, you get a primary packaging machine plus a secondary packaging solution that is integrated and tailored for the optimal utilization of space, performance and resources. 

For further information about the milk packaging systems and other cutting-edge integrated packaging solutions, contact

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