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Posted by chirag on June 15th, 2022

Wiring installation procedure any work, including the installation of electrical wiring, is usually done following a certain sequence. Thanks to this, you will save both your time and resources. And the question of reworking any group of wiring in the room or the entire apartment as a whole will no longer stand even in the long term. Let's take a closer look at the order of work, adhering to which you will eventually get a high-quality result.

Electrics before or after plastering

The plaster is done before the electrics and not after that first thing, remember that the whole electrical installation is done in a good way after the plaster. Therefore, finishers work first, and then electricians come in. In extreme situations, you have to do the opposite, but then you will face a lot of problems that could have been avoided initially. Plaster before or after electrics how to do it correctly. Any high-quality work begins with accurate marking. Most often, Recess Lighting Chatsworth uses laser levels for this.

With their help, you can quickly and accurately mark the center for all the sub-cabinets in the room. It would seem that a couple of millimeters will not play a decisive role here. What's the big deal if one block at the beginning of the room is slightly higher than the other at its end? However, very often in apartments, there are wallpapers with horizontal or vertical stripes. And it will be visible by these stripes when the gypsum cardboard is not installed exactly. Therefore, put all the sub-cabinets in the room on the same plane.

The distances for sockets and switches are the height of the installation norm After all the centers of the sockets are marked by the Electrical Wiring Chatsworth, then proceed to mark the mounting points of the lamps, both on the walls and the ceiling. At the same time, it is possible to mark the places of suspension of plasterboard structures. In the future, when all the loops and corrugations are on the ceiling, it will not be very convenient to mark the fasteners for drywall. But it's worth bothering with all this if you will also mount the structures. After all, this, proceed to mark the corrugation fasteners. The most important thing is that they do not interfere with each other.

Usually, competent marking, even with the use of modern measuring instruments, takes a full working day. Set yourself up in advance for just such a period. You will be in a hurry and it will come out sideways for you during further installation. To minimize the amount of dust, construction vacuum cleaners are used. A Professional's goal is to make every customer happy. They take care of all the details and provide comprehensive solutions that will save you any hassle.

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