Chip Reveals: ‘The Best Moments in The Castle Were Those When Using Flavored Coffee Pods’

Posted by Jane Edison on June 17th, 2022

An incredible interview with Chip, the smallest cup, reveals the most enjoyable habits of those who lived happily ever after Belle and The Beast, but also Lumiere, Mrs. Pott, and Cogsworth. He shared the moments when the flavored coffee pods spread their aroma all over the castle. You would never imagine that a small coffee pod could create such significant moments that can inspire today’s evenings.

Whose Idea Was to Bring Coffee to the Castle?

Indeed, it was my mother’s idea, Mrs. Pott. She always tried so hard to take care of everyone, especially the love between Belle and The Beast.

First, we used to have tea after the meals. But my mother noticed that we got into a routine, and every day seemed dull. My brothers and I grew up and found tea a bit old-fashioned. My mother noticed that too and tried to adjust the habits with the fashion. So, she introduced us to coffee. First, like many young Englishmen, we were skeptical, but then we realized that the drink was not as important as the moment it created.

How Could Coffee Bring You All Together?

The flavor of the coffee spreads instantly. You can smell it from the garden, the library, and the office. Everyone knew it was coffee when Mrs. Pott brought it into the saloon. So, we went there and started chatting, even though some of us were not in the mood to talk, especially The Beast, grumpiness and clumsiness being his favorite moods. Some others, like Belle, were always busy reading a book alone in the library. But an excellent smelling coffee in a manually painted cup was more potent than the therapist! We all became so relaxed and forgot about our issues.

Then, Belle realized that staying alone was not that cool, and she started to sing on the piano or read us a story tale, and everyone enjoyed the afternoon. The Beast relaxed, and Lumiere was shining again. This is the magic of a good coffee!

To Drink Coffee, We Often Used Flavored Coffee Pods

These flavored coffee pods had different aromas, such as hazelnut, chocolate, and raspberry. We are also different, and our tastes are not the same. The Beast loved black espresso, Belle enjoyed hazelnut, my mother used to drink crème Brûlée, and I loved white raspberry truffle! This was our favorite moment, choosing the right aroma. This allowed us to have a unique and delicious cup of coffee each time.

Why Coffee Pods and not Traditional Coffee?

Coffee pods are a popular way to get your favorite coffee at home. They're small, convenient, and easy to use. Why are they better than traditional coffee? Here are some reasons why we chose pods over traditional coffee:

  • Coffee pods are environmentally friendly. Coffee is one of the most waste-free drinks you can have - each pod uses only about two tablespoons of coffee, which is less than half of a cup.
  • Coffee pods are convenient. You can grab a pod whenever you need a quick drink. There's no need for a pot to make a coffee, have a cooking machine, or handle the art of making a good coffee. You can use just an espresso machine, and that’s it! No dirt, no extra time to boil the water, just press the button, and voila!
  • Coffee pods are portable. You can take them with you wherever you go. You can even take them on the go in your pocket! Only think about spreading the coffee inside your bag, and some headaches are already here.
  • Coffee pods are cost-effective. You can buy coffee pod machines that allow you to make as many pods as possible at a low cost.
  • The perfect quantity of caffeine is added to coffee pods. There's no need to worry about how much coffee to use for your cup; you just have to use one pod.
  • When it comes to enjoying a cup of coffee, some people like to stick with the traditional flavors. Others may want to take things up a notch and try something new. But when using flavored coffee pods is the perfect way to do both.

But Chip, Coffee is for Mornings, Isn’t it That?

Well, don’t put it like that. As you could read in the beginning, coffee is about enjoying moments, not about coffee time. But you are right; mornings were also an excellent time to have a cup of coffee, but in intimacy. My mother brought it to our bedrooms, or in the garden, or where we used to spend our waking up moments.

During the day, we could have a coffee break and rapidly prepare a coffee using the flavored coffee pods. We could do this without the help of Mrs. Pott because they are so easy to use that it was an absolute pleasure to do it by ourselves.

Was The Beast Also Enjoying the Coffee?

The Beast enjoyed the coffee, but we noticed he became nervous and fussy. To avoid ruining our relaxing afternoons, my mother figured out how to solve the problem: she started using decaf flavored coffee pods for The Beast. He didn’t notice any change in the taste, he liked his coffee as always, and we could enjoy our time together again.

Can You Also Share Your Coffee Pods Provider?

There is no secret that there are a lot of coffee pod providers on the internet from which you can order your favorite flavor. Mrs. Pott tested many of them till she found the perfect one. After that, we all used to buy coffee from It is a user-friendly website with fast delivery, and we always receive only fresh coffee. They owe a traditional business in coffee pods, using only trusted farmers.

Thank You Chip. We Have Learned a Lot from Your Story

Having family coffee moments is a great way to connect with one another. It can be a fun way to spend time together and strengthen relationships. They can also be a reminder of why we love spending time together. We change our bad moods while testing new flavors. Besides that, using pods is cleaner, easier, and up with modern times.

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