Reinforce Your Brand Identity with the Use of Inflatables

Posted by PARTIK on May 21st, 2016

Customised Product Replicas Increase Footfall

The idea behind using inflatable replicas is to get the attention of the prospects whether they are moving past your store or wandering across a trade expo venue. Lifelike replicas create a strong impression of the product, attract media coverage, and also give rise to a lot of buzz at promotional events and fairs and carnivals. These inflatables can create magic at product launches, grand openings, trade shows, corporate events, charity functions, displays and point of purchase.

Campaigners can get exact copy of their products in the form of promotional inflatables. These items are made fully to every specification required by the customer. A renowned manufacturer would only use top rated materials and implement designs that ensure complete safety and usefulness of the inflatables. One should obtain exceptional inflatable replicas that are fit to give a strong boost to a brand and help create larger customer base.

If the customer has a colour in mind, it can be translated into reality with top quality technology. The designers are able to follow the most complicated ideas and implement them to create the inflatable replica down to the minute detail mentioned by the customer. The products are easy to carry from place to place, install, and can be inflated and deflated in minutes.

Inflatable Characters help to build emotional connection between brand and people

Inflatable mascots or characters can attract attention of people in a crowded place almost instantly. Adults and kids are filled with wonder when they behold talking and moving lifelike characters. The impact is much more than what is created by packaged products shown in advertisements in television commercials.

The mascots can be of any type. They can be animal characters, funny cartoon characters, and even the products such as ice cream, chocolate bars, drink cups or anything else the advertiser may have in mind. For advertising purposes, various Brands have used the lifelike replicas of their products and have gained a lot of success. These mascots specially capture the attention of the kids.

What’s more? The mascots or character inflatables can be fashioned in several ways depending on the event. If you are looking for stationery mascots, you can get them up to 70 feet tall and have assured durability with vinyl-coated nylon. These inflatables are filled with cold air to keep them stationed on ground and a blower system is used to keep the inflatable stand for as long as required.

Inflatable replicas and characters are perfect for publicizing and get media attention instantly. For example, if a huge inflatable character or replica is used, all eyes are turned in its direction. Since, it has been proved that people can get connected to lifelike characters and faces easily; they get interested and want to know what's happening. When taking part in a parade or carnival, inflatable mascots can be used to get the immediate attention of all people watching. These inflatables are most effective tools in creating a lasting impact in the minds of the prospects.

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