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Posted by Madhavi Patel on June 18th, 2022

White pepper powder is an excellent alternative to black pepper powder. Chefs prefer to use this spice mostly in creamy soups where you don’t want that black flakes. But buying and storing a bulk amount may be a hassle, especially if you don’t know how to.

If you are a restaurant owner, hospitality business, retailer, or manufacturer, you would prefer to buy bulk spices online, including white pepper powder from an Indian spice exporter.

To ease things out for you, here is a guide describing how to buy and store white pepper powder so you can ensure the increased shelf life and intact quality of your spice. Keep reading.

What is white pepper?

White and black pepper are the same fruit derived from a flowering vine, scientifically named piper nigrum. This spicy herb is native to Southern India but is also cultivated in Indonesia, China, and various other parts of the world.

White pepper and black pepper are both the same. The only difference is the lack of the outer skin called haul. Peppercorns - the fruit of piper nigrum - is harvested when it turns red and are dried in the Sun for several days until it becomes hard and black. The final result is black pepper.

If we remove the outer red layer of peppercorns before leaving them in the Sun, they turn out like white pepper. However, black pepper is more spicy and aromatic compared to white pepper as the skin also contains essential oils.

White pepper is a popular spice in Chinese cuisine, widely used as powder form in various soups, marinades for meats, and stir-fries. However, white pepper powder is the less preferred spice in other parts of the world. Still, you should know the right buying and storing method if you are thinking of buying bulk black pepper powder.

How to buy the white pepper powder?

The spice market is full of ingenious and adulterated versions of spices, and peppercorns are no exception. Therefore, you should always choose a reliable and honest seller to buy white pepper powder.

White pepper powder will be readily available in local supermarkets and gourmet stores. Make sure the company you choose is genuine and produces high-quality spices.

If you are a restaurant and hospitality business owner, you often need to buy things in bulk, including spices. In that case, purchasing bulk white pepper powder wholesale would be a great option. In addition, you can choose from various Indian spice exporters and wholesalers to buy spices online.

How to properly store white pepper powder?

Once you get your white pepper powder delivered, you need to think about storage because improper and careless storing of species shortens their shelf life and quality.If you buy white pepper powder in bulk, you can get storing advice as well. 

Here is the guide to storing white pepper powder properly.

Keep away from moisture

Peppercorns are hygroscopic, which means they can absorb moisture from the air, even in powder form. Therefore, if your white pepper powder is exposed to a humid environment, it may result in weight changes, low quality, and decreased flavour.

The dampness also encourages mould growth. Mould is a type of fungi that spoils the food and produces various toxic substances such as aflatoxin, leading to cancer. Therefore, make sure you store white pepper powder in a dry place.

Store in a darker place

Peppercorns and pepper powder are also highly reactive to light, as it speeds up the oxidation process. So, exposure to direct sunlight or electrical light may alter the taste and colour of the white pepper powder.

Moreover, pepper has a chemical compound called piperine that gives peppercorns an intense flavour. When exposed to light, piperine becomes tasteless isochavicine, making white pepper powder nearly tasteless. So always store your white pepper powder in darker places like closed shelves or kitchen cupboards.

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Save from direct heat

Same as light, heat also aids in the oxidation process. Moreover, the white pepper powder’s oil is more volatile at high temperatures and may evaporate faster. Therefore, you should store this spice powder in a cool place, e.g., the refrigerator, where the temperature stays relatively lower.

Furthermore, temperature fluctuation may also result in condensation and eventually mould growth. So if you store your white pepper powder in the fridge, make sure you bring that out only when needed and quickly return to place once used.

Pack in an airtight container

Oils are an essential substance that gives every spice that flavorful taste. And oil evaporation is a major problem in almost all the spices, and ground spices like white pepper powder are more volatile to air.

If you store this spice carelessly without an airtight container, the essential oil can evaporate quickly, spoiling the quality. Therefore, you should always store white pepper powder in an airtight container.

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