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Posted by accolac99 on May 21st, 2016

As a big fan of RS, have you submitted your ideas on game content for RuneScape yet? Or have you supported other players’ ideas on RuneLabs? Recently, Jagex announced that the RuneLabs will be closed on May 28th. Then they will make some great changes to it. How do you think of this update? If you continue playing RS, remember to buy cheap runescape gold on RSorder to benefit most from the amazing contents in RS. RSorder has been a legal and reliable RS gold seller for many years, which devotes to provide cheapest RS 3 gold with fast delivery and best service all the time. Whenever buying RS gold from RSorder, you can enjoy a comfortable and smooth trading process without doubt.

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Some crucial updates to RuneLabs after 28th May:
After May 28, Jagex will make the following changes to RuneLabs.
1.There will be no new criteria added.
2.Supporting ideas will no longer be possible.
3.Links to RuneLabs will be removed from the RuneScape website.
Comments on the renewals of RuneLabs concluded by RSorder:
Many players are fond of this new update. “Interesting, this decision seems justified given the relatively low proportion of players actually interacting with RuneLabs.” said one player. To be honest, this technology allows you to use polls on forum threads, and sort by the polls with the most "support" votes. It has given an easier way for you to engage in further development of your ideas. 
However, good ideas were shut down and bad ideas were voted to the top because the people had twitter followers sometimes. Some people really tried so hard to get votes by asking relatives and friends for help. It may do harm to RS development.
In a word, no matter how the RuneLabs changes, RS team will give you a channel to show your ideas. Just give your opinions on this game as usual.

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RuneLabs is a system in RS that gives you the opportunity to submit your ideas for RS, and for you to tell us which of these ideas you like most. Then some possible developments may occur as a result. Though it will change, the challengeable and attractive contents and quests won’t be changed. Therefore, it’s wise for you to choose an awesome RS gold supplier and stock enough RuneScape 3 gold cheap to fully enjoy RS. RSorder.com can be your best choice because it specializes in providing RS gold at lowest price. At the same time, the payment methods are convenient in this site and you can get your gold within 10 minutes. Every time you visit RSorder, some promo activities are always there.

There’s still time left for you to add and up-vote ideas on RuneLabs for the survey, so head there and choose your favorites! Remember to come to RSorder regularly to gain cheap RS 3 gold.

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