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Posted by Nagaraj SEO on June 20th, 2022

Tax resolution services provide a different method to encourage investment and promote competitiveness in companies and the development of high-impact research for the country. This is developed by the National Government and seeks to be an incentive for developing science, technology, and innovation (CTeI) projects by companies in alliance with actors recognized by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation, granting investors and executors, tax deductions and discounts.

In the same way, other methods seek to strengthen the infrastructure for research in recognized educational institutions and research and technological development centres through the exemption of VAT on the importation of equipment and elements and encourage the participation of personnel in science, technology, and innovation projects through Non-Constitutive Income and Occasional Income.

What are the Tax Benefits?

The offer of tax benefits available to the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovation is as follows:

1. Tax incentives for investments.

This is given to companies that carry out innovation projects in science and technology in collaboration with stakeholders approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Classification of scientific, technical, or innovative documents. The tax incentives are as follows:

A- Tax exemptions and deductions for investments in science, technology, and innovation projects: investment in research, technological development, and innovation, provided that the specified criteria and conditions are met during the tax period in which the investment is made.

The investment also reserves the right to deduct 25% of the amount invested during the tax period in which the investment was made, in income tax, provided that it does not exceed 25% of the tax paid. In the event of unused tax profits or deductions, taxpayers may transfer them to the following four tax returns under section 258 of the Tax Act.

B- STI taxpayers are led by the relevant CNBT for national tax compensation and have access to a tax deduction of 50% of the approved investment. Small and medium-sized enterprises require a tax refund - TIDIS for their existing tax deduction of more than 1,000 UVT (1000 UVT) for investments in technological research and development and innovation projects. Tax resolution services can help in negotiable tax deduction.

2. Tax incentives for high levels of human capital tied up in the company.

Bonuses related to the staff and Ph.D. connections within the institution, implemented after 25 May 2019. However, if the criteria and conditions set by the CNBT for this purpose are met and these connections are associated with the development of RDi activities will be paid to the Ph.D. staff. You will have access to tax incentives of 25% deduction and deduction for compensation. With MSME, you will also have access to the tax reward mechanism.

3. VAT exemption for imported equipment and goods

This tax incentive is given to research and technological development centres accredited by the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Development and to primary and secondary educational institutions accredited by the Ministry of National Education. The Scientific and technological innovation projects approved under the standards and conditions set by the CNBT shall import equipment and objects necessary for project development and nationalization.

4. Tax incentives for donations in science, technology, and innovation.

Raise funds for science, technology, and innovation donations, which the Foundation receives in cash and is used to fund science, technology, and innovation programs and projects under the criteria and conditions set by the National Fund. The CNBT will deduct the value of the donated amount and deduct a tax deduction of 25% of the value of the donation in the same manner as long as there are procedures and requirements. The procedure is fulfilled for this purpose.

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