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Posted by Live The World on June 21st, 2022

When we think of Ireland, the first thing that pops into our heads is Dublin. Aside from Dublin, the capital city, there are lots of places to visit and do on Ireland's West CoastYou should grab the opportunity to explore the Ireland West Coast.

You’ll be stunned by the incredible scenery and also how warm the locals were. You can walk through vibrant and vibrant towns and have some of the best food you can ever experience.

It’s possible to say that in only a few days, Ireland can change from being a distant place in your mind to becoming one of your favorite places to visit. After taking in the twisting roads through the Wild Atlantic Way, here are four reasons that Ireland’s west coast is worth a visit:

Off-the-beaten-path routes

One thing you’ll like about the west coast of Ireland is the quiet and almost completely empty area in some regions. Apart from a few friendly locals, you’ll frequently feel as if your small group has the entire area all to its own.

You can go through the Beara Peninsula, offering truly amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean with lush greenery that encircles the hills. You can walk through the peaceful and vibrant town of Allihies, which will make you think of a scene in an old Hollywood film. It is beautiful!

Who knows, maybe your favorite hidden gem will be during your stay in the remote town of Baltimore and particularly admiring the sun setting from the rock cliffs of The Baltimore Beacon. From the town, it is a short walk to the summit of the hill, where you can stand at the edge of the earth when the sun is setting across the Atlantic.

While exploring the western part of Cork County, you can visit the Drombeg stone circle as well as Ardgroom stone circles, both with a history dating back thousands of years and providing a glimpse of the mysteries of Ireland’s long-standing past.

Delicious Food

If you’re a foodie, the most enjoyable thing you can discover about Ireland that how tasty the various meals you can get in all of the towns.

Many of us think that Ireland is not the destination for foodies.

You’ll be surprised that you will be able to enjoy the variety of delicious meals that range from fresh seafood to grass-fed beef, freshly baked desserts, and even good alternatives for casual pub food.

Another stop you can enjoy is Dzogchen Beara, where you can have hot chocolate, coffee, and other refreshments, all while admiring the stunning panoramas of the Beara peninsula’s coastline with the Beara peninsula in the background.

Additionally, while in Dingle, you can visit Dingle Distillery. Dingle Distillery to see how gin is created by hand from beginning to end.

Authentic Irish Culture

Ireland can redefine the concept of “authentic experience” that tourists usually do. In certain towns, you’ll truly feel like you are in the place to enjoy the day-to-day things that a native would do, be able to enjoy, and everyone will welcome you when you walk around.

Yew tree is located in Muckross Abbey’s central courtyard. Muckross Abbey central courtyard.

You can also experience the nightlife and be able to go out and about, and experience Live Trad live music in the Tig Bhric West Kerry Brewery, located in the middle of nowhere, on the edge of the Dingle peninsula.

Daltons within Kinsale, along with Crowley’s at Kenmare, are both authentic pubs with regular live music, so if you’re there, be sure to stop by for a pint and take in these beautiful towns just like the locals.

Inspiring Nature

If you’re a lover of greenery and nature, Ireland will blow you out of the water. The country is home to some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever witness.

If you’re looking to take a walk, or a gentle walking trail, or sit on a bench and take in the stunning views and the sound of nature, You can enjoy all of this in many spots beginning with the waterfalls and trails in Killarney National Park.

To experience a more intimate setting with fewer tourists, go to Gleninchaquin Park, which is a private, family-owned park that has stunning waterfalls that greet visitors as soon as you enter.

While strolling every now and then, the park will make you feel a more peaceful state and inspired the desire to have a peaceful walk on one of the trails that led me to the ideal rock to rest on and enjoy the stunning landscape.

A waterfall cascaded down the black rock, creating small streams that cut through the green electric fields, with a few sheep enjoying their grazing in the fields. It is the perfect moment to recharge and relax.

If you’re a fan of the sounds and sights of the ocean, you can enjoy a visit to Silver Strand beach, located on Sherkin Island, and Clogher Head beach, located on the Dingle Peninsula. It is not the perfect beach getaway. However, it is extremely peaceful and tranquil to listen to as the waves from the Atlantic smash against the rocks.

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