Follow The Basic Guidelines When Buying The Best Transformer

Posted by Shakti Electrical Corporation on June 21st, 2022

The transformer has become a necessity in almost every industry. If you are looking to buy the best transformer, many things may come to your mind. Buying a transformer is a hardcore technical stuff that is not that easy to understand for a normal person, but if you are planning to buy a transformer anytime soon, then here are a few basic tips that you can follow to ensure you are getting the best transformer, and not buying any wrong products.

Basic Guidelines When Buying The Best Transformer

  • Check for kVA ratings

This is one very important and basic thing that one should check before buying a step-down Transformer in Jaipur to ensure smooth functioning. There is a table where you can find the preferred kVA ratings of the transformers. Be it single-phased or three-phased transformers, both have their respective ratings. Make sure it is within the numbers mentioned in the guidelines.

  • Voltage ratings

The second step is to consider the voltage ratings of the transformer, as the kVA ratings don't have to remain standard at all the voltage ratios. It would be best if you bought a transformer, considering your purpose behind purchasing it. One can adjust with a low voltage transformer for home uses, but for industrial purposes, it is important to buy a booster transformer in India. Once you are sure of your use and your budget, then only go for the transformer.

  • Voltage tap changers

One should always check with the step down transformer manufacturer whether the transformers have tap changers that help keep the transformers stable, especially during the frequent fluctuations in the voltage. These are especially important for the commercial buildings where heavy devices are used. Also, you can de-energize one tap depending on the load and manage the transformer according to the required voltage.

  • Temperature ratings

When buying a transformer or voltage stabilizers from any transformer manufacturer in India, it is very important to ensure that the temperature ratings are low. If it goes with your requirement, always go for the transformers with low temperature rises to ensure the long life of the transformer and smooth functioning.

  • Avoid high sound levels

Every servo voltage stabilizer or transformer has its sound level. Some transformers produce loud sounds, making installing them difficult in places like commercial buildings where the officials require a quiet environment to work. It becomes difficult for you if you don't check the sound levels before buying. One must check for the sound levels properly, and even if you buy a low pitch sound transformer, you must install it in a room, which helps you control the sound to some extent. Especially for the commercial buildings, it won't disturb the employees while working.

Apart from these basic things, you can always check for technical advice from isolation transformer manufacturers in India. They will always provide you with the correct insights and help you buy the right transformers based on your purpose of buying them. If you are in Jaipur, you can always check out Shakti transformers for premium quality transformers.

Shakti Electrical Corporation is the leading transformer manufacturer in Jaipur that offers you a wide range of transformers that serve your purposes. Just check our collection at Shakti Electrical Corporation and buy the best transformer that matches your requirements.

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