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Ensuring the safety of students in educational institutions is important to them. One of them is the regular attendance of all students, not just the faculty. Although many schools have biometric systems for recording regular staff attendance, most schools still manually verify student attendance. For these institutions, the student attendance management system is a useful module of the school ERP software.Traditionally, school teachers are accustomed to checking attendance at the start of the day by marking attendance or absences for each student’s name in the attendance record. Small boxes are often confused and can lead to errors.It also takes up significant class time that teachers can use to teach and learn.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at how a school ERP software  student attendance management system can help improve school efficiency and accuracy and give students a little more time to do their best.

What is Student Attendance Management System?

Student Attendance Management System is a school ERP software module that allows school administrators and teachers to digitally check student and staff attendance. If desired by schools, integrations such as biometric machines or RFID reader gateways provide an intuitive attendance interface for easy manual or automatic attendance marking.

There are also standalone student attendance management systems, but if you purchase the system as part of your school management ERP software, all changes made in one module can be synchronized with the other modules.

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Student Advantages

Attendance Management System

School ERP software’s student attendance management system offers users a number of benefits, but the most important is time saving. Student Attendance Management helps you digitize student attendance and reduce the time it takes to complete the process.

It also improves the accuracy of attendance marking to reduce errors. This allows teachers to display daily student attendance by lecture. Here are some of the benefits of using Student Attendance Management in your day-to-day school life:

Provides faster and more accurate attendance.

It saves the time and resources required to be physically present.
Parents can be notified when a student is absent to ensure safety.
Record student attendance and create daily and monthly reports so you know who is absent more often.
School management software  allows schools to integrate external hardware devices to automate student attendance, such as biometric machines or RFID reader gateways.

Schools that use integrated hardware devices for student and staff attendance have additional benefits.

Here are ways in which adding a biometric system or RFID reader gateway can be beneficial to schools.

  • Automate student and staff attendance, eliminating the need for manual intervention to complete daily or lecture attendance.
  • Reduces the chance of attendance display errors.
  • Accelerate the school attendance process.
  • Improve the security of the school so that no one can enter the school without notifying the administrator.
  • Reduces the chance of attendance display errors.
  • Accelerate the school attendance process.
  • Improve the security of the school so that no one can enter the school without notifying the administrator.
  • It adds to student safety by notifying parents when students enter and leave campus.
  • Lecture attendance allows teachers to know when a student left school in the middle.

5 things to know when choosing an attendance management system

How do you know if a student attendance management system is right for you? To answer this question, you need to find the answer to the following question.

  • Is it user friendly?
  • What features does it provide?
  • Do you incorporate external hardware devices?
  • Can you generate a report to identify absenteeism?
    And other similar questions.

Based on the answers you get, here are the top 5 things you need to know about student attendance management systems.


Attendance management system enhances student security while ensuring student attendance, notifying abnormal student absences, and providing more convenience to teachers. Increase your daily attendance and accelerate the way you teach.

Do you want to experience the student attendance management system firsthand? Get a free trial of our school management software. It will help you figure out what additional features you can get with attendance management.

How do I use the extra time when school attendance is automated? Let us know in the comments below and if you like the blog, please share it with others you find useful.

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