Kubernetes Terminologies and Important Features

Posted by Ranjeet Singh on June 22nd, 2022

With Kubernetes, you can easily operate various containerized applications with different hosts. By using Kubernetes, you can automate the management and deployment of various cloud applications using cloud infrastructure. In addition, you can distribute the workloads of the applications in several clusters. Furthermore, you can automate the networking process and deliver fully-functioning applications. Moreover, you can scale and deploy applications automatically. It has recently become the most used system used by large-scale organizations. So if you want to become a professional in this field and want to learn about Kubernetes, you must get the best Kubernetes Online Training and understand the concepts of Kubernetes. Moreover, you will get a chance to learn from expert professionals and get the best hands-on experience.

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Most Popular Kubernetes Terminology:

Many unique components make Kubernetes the most popular platform. In addition, you must know about all the important elements and understand the applications of Kubernetes. Furthermore, it comprises major parts including the Nodes and Control Panel. Let us look at the most important terminologies of Kubernetes;

  • By using the Kube-API server, you will get the ability to maximize the performance and get faster results. In addition, with the help of this, you can expose API.
  • With ETCD, you can store the required data with related Kubernetes cluster data.
  • Kube-scheduler helps you watch out for several Kubernetes pods with assigned nodes. With this, you can execute resources within this framework.
  • Kubernetes offers a Kube-controller manager and acts as the central station for important controls and functions.
  • Kubelet will help you ensure that all the containers run on the assigned Kubernetes pods.
  • The most important element of Kubernetes includes Kube-proxy as it acts as a network proxy. In addition, you can operate Kube-proxy and maintain the communication and network.
  • Furthermore, with container runtime, it becomes easy to run containers and support the runtime environment. With this, you can also manage and maintain the Kubernetes Runtime Interface.
  • With Kubernetes services, you can perform various functions by assigning unique addresses to Kubernetes pods.
  • Kubernetes also provides a Controller to ensure the performance with the demand and work at different stages.
  • Kubernetes Operator helps you perform the automation process. In addition, it helps developers to manage and deploy several applications and software.

Important Features of Kubernetes:

With the help of the Kubernetes framework, you will get useful important features to maximize resources and scale the infrastructure. Let us look at the most important features of Kubernetes; 

  • Auto Scaling
  • Lifecycle Management 
  • Self-Healing
  • Declarative Model
  • Load Balancing
  • Persistent Storage 

With the help of these unique features, companies can scale and grow applications. In addition, by using Kubernetes you will get a chance to enhance your security and provide high-performing software with no defects and bugs.

Advantages of Kubernetes:

Let us look closely at the advantages of implementing the Kubernetes system; 

  • Portability- You can manage and operate containerized applications in different devices. It supports multi-platform and has all the major cloud platforms. 
  • Cost-effective- With Kubernetes, you can enjoy important services like automated scaling, resource optimization, and run workloads. With this you get full control and can maximize your perofromance. This helps you save a lot of time and money.
  • Scalability- The most important advantage of using Kubernetes is you can add containers to scale them as per your needs.


To sum up, Kubernetes has the most popular framework to manage and operate various applications on a cloud server. Many large-scale companies have completely adapted to the Kubernetes system. As a result, many companies search for skilled and experienced professionals to maximize their performance. You can select the best Kubernetes Course in Delhi and learn how to successfully implement the Kubernetes system within an organization. Moreover, Kubernetes is continuously growing and has become a promising career path to choose from. With the help of proper training and guidance, you will be able to perform software testing successfully and effectively. 

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