How to choose air purifier, ozone machine for house?

Posted by CE Environment Technology Co., Ltd. on June 22nd, 2022

In market, there are many types of air purifer, ozone machine etc to purify air at home or office, and it is hard to choose for end users. The following professional knowledge can have a clear idea for you. Generally it has 3 kinds according to function

1 air purifier without ozone
2 air purifier with little ozone (UV-light)
3 ozone machine
Air purifiers wihtout ozone filter solid pollutants (PM10, PM2.5, and other solid particulate matter) and gaseous pollutants (ammonia, volatile organic compounds TVOC, etc.) in the air including some virus, only filter

Air purifiers with ozone filter solid pollutants at the same time, in which ozone works as a kind of disinfect to kill virus and bacteria. please note that ozone out of air purifier is very little, less than 0.05ppm at the 50mm from outlet after working 24 hours continuely, China air purifier safe standard for CO3 from air purifier

The ozone generator is specialized in producing ozone to kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms
To sum up, air purifier is the physical way to filter microorganisms to purify the air, out of which ozone can be ignored as it is nothing. while ozone machine only produce ozone to disinfect, sterilize, remove odor, smell, smoke etc, from 1mg, 3mg, to 500mg, 1kg, 100kg per hour. According to your necessary like requirement for CT value, you can choose ozone machine or ozone system. and that ozone is a chemical method

To generate ozone has 3 types methods, UV-light is one of them, other two are corona discharge and electrolysis water

when you want to disinfect and sterilize room, office, house etc, space less than 300m3, you can also figure out what ozone machine you need according to the following formula Y=VxC/75%x(1-61%) and please choose bigger one than what you figure out

Y-ozone production per hour (g)

C-ozone concentration in air (1ppm=2.144mg/m3)

V-space of room, house, office etc (m3)

75%-ozone working efficiency

61%-ozone hourly dacay rate in air

T-an hour disinfection (default)

Lastly, if you want to filter air at home, physical way, office etc, then air purifiers with or without ozone are ok. if you want to disinfect and sterilize air, then you need to choose ozone machine, chemical reaction. when CT, C, namely ozone concentration is more than 0.1ppm in air, people need to leave. 1 hours after disinfection and sterilization, coming in is ok 

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