Partial knee arthroplasty surgery improves pain

Posted by Coherent Market insights on June 22nd, 2022

Surgery to replace only a portion of a damaged knee is known as Partial knee arthroplasty. It can replace the medial (inside) or lateral (outside) or kneecap portion of the knee.

Damaged bone and tissue in the knee joint are removed during Partial knee arthroplasty surgery. When only a portion of the knee has arthritis, it is done. A prosthetic implant is used to replace the missing tissue. Your knee's remaining portion is unharmed. Smaller incisions are typically used for Partial knee arthroplasty, which reduces recuperation time.

Although total knee replacement is the most common type of knee surgery, partial knee replacement may be an option for those who only have arthritic deterioration in one compartment of the knee. The medial compartment, lateral compartment, and patellofemoral compartment—where the kneecap attaches to the thigh bone—are the three compartments in the knee. Patients can continue their usual lives after partial knee replacement surgery, which replaces the surfaces of the damaged compartments.

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