Deep Groove Ball Bearings: Why it is in Huge Demand?

Posted by BMG on June 23rd, 2022

There are available different types of bearings in the market. Rolling bearings are considered to be a vital part of oscillating or rotating machine elements. These bearings guide and support rotational movement while transferring loads between diverse components like wheels, shafts and axles. If you are shopping for bearings, then it will be wise to know more about them to make the correct choice.

About Deep groove bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are stated to be quite similar to that of traditional bearings. However, they have raceways fitting closely the ball dimension running in them. Such deep grooves tend to result in more stable balls. They are also designed to manage higher loads when compared to shallow groove bearings. Still, they offer low friction. Moreover, deep groove limits noise and vibration while offering axial load capacity.

Commonly available

In case you come across a ball bearing, it is likely to be the deep groove type. This is because, it is commonly used because of it low friction, availability and versatility. They are also great selections for machines requiring high rotational speeds while providing numerous advantages when compared to other ball bearings. Moreover, such bearings are offered in different load-bearing capacities, sizes and designs. You can also take a look at Spherical roller bearings.

Low friction

Such bearings are found to create less friction unlike standard bearings, thus saving cost in various ways. It manages to reduce the bearing’s operating temperature, thus enhancing the bearing’s lifespan. Machine operation also becomes affordable because of reduced maintenance requirements and increased efficiency. Moreover low friction causes reduced vibration and noise, thus making these bearings the right choice for high rotational machines. When compared to traditional counterparts, they use less lubrication.

Axial and Radial Load carrying ability

Traditional ball bearings are not designed to carry axial loads. However, deep groove types can manage 50% of radial load in axial plane. Smaller bearings are designed to manage just 25% of radial load. Thus, it has the ability to bear radial and axial loads, thus, making these bearings to be extraordinarily versatile. Hence, a good number of industries favour using these bearings.

Easy installation

Deep ball groove bearings can be installed effortlessly. Thus, it results in higher load capacity and simplified assembly. Manufacturers prefer to derive the benefits offered by these bearings while reducing the machinery’s housing dimensions. Thus, it results in lighter, smaller assemblies. They also fit easily within traditional bearing housing, thus simplifying replacement of traditional ball bearings using superior counterparts.

Common uses

The fact is ball bearing is a necessity for every spinning part. Deep groove type bearings are commonly used for industrial purpose as they form a part in heavy machineries. They do find great use in motors, gearboxes, construction equipment, pumps, wind turbines, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, machine tools, mining, etc. They are also used in motor-based appliances like dryers, washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners.

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