ISI Mark Certification for Domestic Manufacturers

Posted by Aleph India on June 23rd, 2022

ISI is an acronym for the Indian Standards Institute. ISI Mark is the most common symbol used to indicate an item that meets the quality standards required by law and is manufactured following the applicable Indian Standards. ISI Marks on any product signify that the product was manufactured in compliance with Indian Standard requirements and is safe for consumers. ISI Mark Certification can be described as the method of granting a manufacturing license to the manufacturer through an audit of the manufacturing facility and analyzing the product samples by an approved BIS-certified laboratory.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the National Certification body that grants manufacturing licenses to manufacturers of their products. BIS issues license only to manufacturers of their products and not retailers or distributors. If a company has several manufacturing facilities located in multiple locations, the manufacturer must get multiple licenses according to the number of manufacturing units and the product type. There are more than 150 items that require BIS certification to manufacture, export, sell or manufacture in India. Glassware, food-related products and cylinders, regulators, batteries, building materials, cables, rubber, wire, and a variety of other items require a BIS license.

Benefits of ISI Certification

  • ISI mark is a certification of quality and ensures consumer security.
  • ISI mark assures a long shelf-life that the merchandise will last for.
  • ISI mark increases trust in consumers and aids in establishing brand recognition.
  • ISI Certification permits continuous manufacturing and sales of products that need mandatory certification.

ISI Mark Certification Process

The process of ISI certification involves the steps listed below:

  • Select the appropriate product codes.
  • Complete the application form and include the necessary documents.
  • After examining the application, BIS appoints an auditor to conduct the company's audit.
  • The product samples will be sent to the BIS-approved laboratory after the company's audit.
  • After the BIS receives the report of testing samples at the laboratories, the BIS begins the process of granting a license.

The validity of ISI's Certificate/license runs for one year. After one year, it can renew by paying the required renewal fee.


ISI Mark certification is mandatory for manufacturing, importing, and selling various products in India. If a company cannot obtain the ISI mark but still puts products on the market for sale with no ISI certification, it could be considered a crime and lead to jail time and a massive fine.

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