How To Shop For The Best Quality Lab-Grown Diamonds On A Budget

Posted by Belgium Diamonds LLC on June 23rd, 2022

The lab-grown diamonds sold by diamond dealers in NYC are as real as the naturally mined diamonds. Not just that they are authentic, but they share similar qualities and replicate the mined diamonds, so it gets difficult for them to be differentiated. Though they look similar to the naturally mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds cost way less. There’s a difference of about 30-40 % in their pricing. 

However, when it comes to shopping for lab-grown beauties, it is not as easy. The reason is that these lab-created diamonds are available in many different variants and qualities, which makes it important to analyze your diamond before making it yours so that you don't fall for a low-grade diamond. 

Being skeptical while buying diamonds is natural, as it is not an everyday investment. however, it is important to analyze your diamond on different parameters before finalizing it. We have shortlisted a few points that might help you while shopping for the best lab-grown diamond. 

Research Well

Whether you wish to shop for a lab diamond in-store or from an online diamond wholesaler, the first thing to start with is researching the diamond that you are buying and if it is real or unreal. One of the best ways to avoid such scams is by shopping with a renowned diamond dealer. 

Some dealers deal in fake lab-created diamonds, and it is not easy for a layman to differentiate between these diamonds, therefore it is always the best idea to shop from a reputed store or dealer, that is known for its authenticity. 

Shop For Certified Diamonds Only 

Another way to be sure of your diamond is its certification. Wherever you shop with a reputed brand, they provide you with its authenticity certificate. Make sure that the certificate which is provided to you is from GIA, IGI, EGL, etc. These certifying labs are authentic and evaluate the diamond for what it is without any discrimination.

Access The 4C’s

Lab-grown diamonds are measured just like the natural diamonds based on the 4C’s, namely color, carat, cut, and clarity, which eventually decide their cost. Every diamond that is sold by Belgium diamonds in NYC is being honestly evaluated on the 4C’s parameters and is accordingly priced. These factors derive from whether the diamond is good enough or not, so when you purchase one, you know what you are paying for. 

Fix Your Budget

Once you fix your budget, it is really easy for you to look for the exact thing, the same goes for a diamond, once your spending capacity is fixed, you search in that limit. It saves you a lot of time and energy. It also helps the seller to share the best possible option available in your budget in the very beginning. 


Finding your ideal lab-grown diamond can be time-consuming, however, it is always better to give it a little extra time and effort than to buy the wrong thing. You can always visit Belgium Diamonds LLC to shop for the best quality lab-grown diamonds. People vouch for the quality and services they offer. 

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