Eco-friendly Products in India to Make your Packaging Stand Out

Posted by Ashish Malik on June 23rd, 2022

Eco-friendly products are the new need of the hour. With global warming, extreme levels of pollution and rise in hazardous waste across the globe, the governments of all the countries are coaxing people to use only eco-friendly products.

When the government recently imposed a ban on single-use plastic in India, the plastic manufacturers were in a dilemma, as no other product in this world could give transparency, toughness, leak-proof features and minimal storage space as plastic packaging products could. But as they say, ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention,’ eco-friendly product manufacturers in India came up with a brilliant packaging product that Looks Like Plastic, But is Not!!

Why are Eco-Friendly Packaging Products Important?

Many people think that a packaging product is not that important and why bother about eco-friendly products for packaging. But, when it comes to reducing the impact on the environment, even little things matter. In fact, plastic waste generated every year in the world is 6.3 billion tons. All this waste is non-degradable. It only eats up space in our dump yards and does not decompose.

When innocent wildlife consume plastic bags or such other non-decomposable waste, they die. According to a survey, at least 100,000 mammals and birds die every year by consuming plastic. We are all trying to solve the major issues that are proving a threat to our surroundings and plastic waste is a major problem.

When we use eco-friendly packaging products, we do not have to worry about their decomposition. These eco-friendly bags India are made using bio-degradable and compostable materials. When trashed, they easily decompose and turn into manure. They do not pose a threat to wildlife and are absolutely safe as well.

Are Eco-Friendly Packaging Products as Good as Traditional Plastic Products?

The most amazing feature of the eco-friendly bags India is that they look and act like plastic, but are not! These bags are as sturdy and tough like any plastic bags. They are as soft and versatile like traditional plastic covers. These are available in opaque and transparent types. One can get their company logos imprinted on these bags. Furthermore, these bags occupy the same storage space as traditional plastic bags.

So, be smart and invest in eco-friendly bags India to save yourself from guilt, to save yourself from government bans and fines and to contribute your bit to the Nature.

From Where to Source the Best Eco-Friendly Bags India?

There are many eco-friendly product manufacturers in India, but few deliver all the comforts and requirements for consumers. If you are searching for the best eco-friendly product manufacturing company in India, contact Modwrap. Modi Wrapstar PVT. LTD, is a Faridabad-based, Indian packaging products manufacturing company. 

We are the biggest eco-friendly products manufacturers in India, supplying different varieties of eco-friendly and compostable products for industrial and residential use. We offer online access via our website, All our eco-friendly and other products are listed here and one can place online orders and avail quick shipping and delivery. We offer customization options for all kinds of eco-friendly plastic bags such as different shapes, sizes, colors or printing the company logo on the bags. You can speak to our representative @9811380229 or mail us at to gather more information about our products.

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