Benefits of Using React JS & its features

Posted by Shams Khan on June 24th, 2022

To begin with, React JS is a JavaScript library useful for building interactive elements on websites. Furthermore, react is a fast, scalable, and simple solution that operates on the UI of an application. Moreover, it helps in developing large-size web applications which can change data, without reloading the page.

Features Of React JS

React is simple to code and understand and follows a component-based approach which makes the code reusable as your need. In addition, it offers optimum performance and is much better than other frameworks available today. Many educational institutes provide React JS Training in Noida and one can enroll in them to learn and start a career in it.  Apart from these, here are some of the features of React JS.

  • JSX- It stands for JavaScript XML and it is a JavaScript syntax extension. In addition, it is responsible for the appearance of the interface of the app. JSX makes syntax just like HTML and makes it super easy for developers to write the building blocks.
  • Components- The UI of a React JS-based app is made up of several components. In addition, each of these components consists of a particular logic, written in JS. Furthermore, it allows developers to relay the data across the app without affecting the DOM.
  • One-way Data Binding- React JS facilitates a one-way data-binding and uses a unidirectional data flow. In addition, developers have to use the call-back feature to edit components rather than edit them directly.
  • Virtual DOM- The virtual DOM represents the original DOM and speeds up the app development process and offers flexibility. It allows replication of a web page in React’s virtual memory and reduces the time and cost taken for development.
  • Declarative UI- React JS has an easy-to-read code that allows developers to easily fix bugs in it. In addition, it helps a developer in developing exciting and engaging UIs for both web apps and mobile apps.

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Benefits Of Using React JS

React JS has a short learning curve and is highly popular among the developer community. It helps developers in completing their projects in record time and allows businesses to run online in minimal time. In addition, it helps in building Rich UIs and allows you to develop engaging interfaces with superior quality. An application or a website with a good UI has a much better chance of succeeding than one with a poor interface. React JS also allows the creation of unique components according to your requirements as they accept HTML coding and render sub-components. Furthermore, it has reusing components that help in boosting developer productivity by allowing them to redistribute the same digital objects. It helps in improving the maintenance and growth of the code as every component has a unique internal logic that can be easily operated. Above all, it is SEO- friendly and facilitates quick rendering. To further know about it, one can visit React JS Training Institute in Delhi. Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of using React JS.

  • Helpful Developer Toolset- Facebook supports React JS and provides various kinds of developer tools. These tools help in discovering parent and child components, observing their hierarchies, and examining their present state.
  • Enhanced Code Stability- It facilitates a downward data flow and makes sure that the changes in the child structure do not affect the parent structure. Thus, establishing better code stability and resulting in smooth performance.
  • Robust Community Support- It is a popular software solution and has a vast community of developers. Community support allows new users to easily find solutions for problems by visiting thousands of text and video tutorials online.

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