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Posted by johnsmith001 on May 22nd, 2016

Structure of the Fog Machine with a good Ice Compartment
If you're curious, here is the structure of the fog machine with a good ice compartment. You might not be able to see, but there's a partition separating the area prior to the ice compartment and the actual exiting chamber, so the fog must travel with the ice compartment before leaving the equipment.
Controlling the Height from the Fog

The two main elements that affect how reduced or high your fog is going to be are the temperature from the fog and the temperature from the surrounding area. Basically, think about it like this:

The actual cooler your fog is actually, the lower it will remain.
The cooler you environment are, the higher your own fog will rise.

The reason why? There are scientific reasons relating to the density of air, however for simplicity, hot air increases and cool air kitchen sinks. So, if the haze is significantly cooler compared to its surroundings, it will remain lower for longer.

Making low lying fog machine
Low lying fog is something lots of people try to achieve. The easiest method to do this is in order to cool the fog down with it travel through glaciers. Some fog machines, for example mine, have a little ice compartment. Also, having denser fog juice is essential for low lying haze.

To the right, I've included two videos showing my fog machine along with and without ice. Notice how heavy the actual cold fog is when compared to light un-iced fog. The colder fog remains low and spreads over the floor. The fog without ice goes upright and then begins in order to spread.

As time continues, the colder fog may rise about 4-5 ft and dissipate, while the hotter fog will attempt to fill the room and linger considerably longer than the colder haze.

Making a Fog Refrigerator
If you are utilizing a american dj low lying fog machine that does not have a cooling compartment, or you need to cool your fog much more, you can create the fog chiller. There are many simple ways to produce a "fog chiller" for your own fog machine. Here is a movie by heylawnguy and he or she demonstrates how simple it is to create a fog chiller. In his chiller (and in many chillers) notice that we now have three things to think about:

How the fog machine will connect with the chiller.
The structure from the chilling area.
Where the actual fog will exit.

Because heylawnguy has demonstrated, connecting your fog device to the chiller is often as simple as cutting a hole within the container and placing your fog machine as much as it. Or you can use other materials to produce a better seal/connection between the actual fog machine and refrigerator.

When designing the relaxing area, keep in mind you want to chill your fog machine low lying around you can. You will keep it simple, like heylawnguy do, but if you possess some extra supplies, I advise adding some obstructions for that fog, so the fog will need to travel around, instead of having the ability to go straight through the actual fog chiller. Basically, you need to make it stay within the chiller longer, which can lead to colder, lower fog.

Once again, in heylawnguy's video, you can observe that the exit pit in his chiller is actually wide. The size will work for a 400 Watt haze machine. If your fog machine includes a higher wattage, you might want a bigger exit pit. This will help distribute the fog and maintain it low. If the actual exit isn't big sufficient, the fog will have no choice but out and will rise several feet. I have seen individuals compensate by cutting a hole inside a plastic bag or a box to suit the exit hole from the chiller and attaching it towards the chiller, allowing the fog to disseminate evenly when it leaves the box or tote.

To the right is really a video by MAKE. It demonstrates quite a inexpensive fog chiller setup using the three pieces as referred to above:

A sealed connection in the low lying fog machine to the entrance from the chiller.
A chiller the actual fog must travel close to.
And a wide leave.

This is a great model to follow if you choose to make your own chiller for the machine. I like this design because both chiller and the tube how the fog travels through tend to be sealed. So, even once the ice melts, the water will remain in the chiller making iced water.

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