How Much Do You Know About Commercial Asphalt Paving and Pickering?

Posted by Ali Tariq on June 24th, 2022

The debate over the cost of commercial asphalt paving and Pickering is a very common one. It can cause pretty big arguments between neighbors, regular people, and even business owners. There are always going to be concerns about who pays for what and who is allowed to make money from it all. However, most paving falls under the commercial paving category with some exemptions for smaller or personal projects.

Commercial Asphalt Paving Pickering in 2022

Customers have many questions about which companies are eligible to pave over their yards or driveways and what those companies can charge them for the work done on their property. Here are a few questions people usually have that might help you.

Who is supposed to pay for commercial asphalt paving Pickering?

Most of the time, the reward of commercial asphalt paving in Pickering falls on the shoulders of those who order it. However, there are some cases where third parties may be partially or fully responsible. A common example is when a homeowner has to ask permission from their landlord if they want to pave their driveway themselves or hire a company like Asphalt Paving Contractor for this work.

What is the difference between commercial asphalt paving Pickering and residential asphalt paving Pickering?

The biggest difference between the two types of paving is that commercial pavement contracts tend to be longer and more complex, which makes them more expensive. They may also include maintenance or repairs in their initial price, which can raise their final cost. Residential asphalt paver jobs usually focus on the construction of property alone, like your driveway or sidewalk.

Why is commercial paving more expensive?

Commercial paving pavement is much harder to install and maintain than residential. With the addition of driveways, sidewalks, roads, parking lots, and other features, it can get more complicated. Extra materials like asphalt, concrete mixers, and even sand are all needed for commercial roadways to function properly. This expense is added on top of the already pricey asphalt paver bills.

How do we choose from the best asphalt paving Pickering companies?

To find commercial asphalt contractors or residential paver contractors, you need to compile a list. You should start by getting recommendations from friends and family about who they like to use for their paving jobs or other construction work. You can also check online for reviews about your favorite companies or for new ones that get good feedback. 

Once you've found them, call each of your candidates and ask them some questions about their experience and why they should be hired for the job. Finally, pay close attention to what they say before deciding on which one will be the best asphalt paving Pickering service provider in 2022.

What does the term "commercial" mean?

Words like a commercial, industrial, and business are often used in conjunction with paving projects to give specific meaning to what a customer wants to be done on their property. However, these designations might not always mean what they seem to mean once you get down to specifics. For instance, a concrete sidewalk or driveway in a private neighborhood might be considered commercial, but still, need to be landscaped and maintained by the homeowner.

When discussing commercial asphalt paving Pickering for customers, the discussion usually begins and ends with the word "commercial". Just like residential paving is different from industrial or parking lot paving, commercial may be also different from municipal or neighborhood paving. 

Even if a driveway is paved at a local home center or retail store that sells paving supplies, it might still be considered commercial. This can create confusion for both customers and companies.


Commercial asphalt paving Pickering is often used as an umbrella term for many types of contractors or companies who do paving and related works. When someone wants to pave their driveway or walkway, they might hire a local commercial asphalt paving contractor. 

This can take many different forms depending on the customer's needs. Another form of commercial asphalt paving that you might find on the job site is a parking lot paving contractor who has experience with industrial uses such as manufacturing plants and warehouses.

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