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Posted by firstlease3 on June 24th, 2022's-time-for-Inclusive-and-Sustainable-Development

Can you imagine what would happen if the land is full of concrete jungles and becomes a heat island? Do you think we will survive? Let’s talk about what is happening around us, let’s not travel to other corners of the world but rather look around and focus on what is happening in front of our eyes - The Bitter Reality. Starting off with Gurugram, Haryana which is home to many and a source of livelihood as it serves as the headquarters of India’s largest companies, MNCs, etc. Thousands of trees are cleared for creating stilt parking by the builders and residents at the boundary of multi-storey buildings. On 1st June 2020, the Department of Town and Country Planning(DTCP) made certain revisions to the rules for Construction of Plots (stilt parking compulsory for the construction of 3rd and 4th floors falling under the hyper potential category. In order to assist more cars, 4-storey buildings have end-to-end entrance gates all along the facade of the building and this leaves no room for the roadside trees. There is more concrete than the green cover in the city, and that’s a very unpleasant sight. Every bit of land is being concretized even the boundary of the private plots. Despite many complaints made by the residents, no immediate action has been taken up by the concerned authorities. Do you think clearing of trees or thinning of forests/ Green cover is logical? Whenever and wherever clearing of forests or trees is involved, it’s always illogical. For instance, a number of trees are cleared for constructing a commercial building. There is always a solution for everything. If trees are cleared for construction purposes, afforestation is the best way to recover the same number of trees. FirstLease is the Country’s leading space leasing service provider working at the PAN level. You can get the kind of commercial spaces/ Leed certified/ Green buildings/ Buildings contributing towards conserving the water table and these are available across all cities. If you are looking for any such building across the country be it east, west, north, or south, FirstLease is always ready to assist you. to read more click here's-time-for-Inclusive-and-Sustainable-Development FirstLease is a leading space leasing solution provider working all across India. we have our Corporate office in Gurgaon. our associates are scattered all across the major metro cities of India. we have been in the real estate industry for the last decade and counting. we are an established company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction and the best leasing services in the country. our company is driven by industry-leading experts who with their expertise and deep knowledge and market understanding help our clients in fulfilling their needs. we provide one-of-a-kind facilities and infrastructure to our clients that help them meet their expectations and requirements.

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