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Posted by Nationwide Immigration Services on June 24th, 2022

A Temporary Resident Visa is required for travellers who intend to visit Canada for a brief period of time, often less than six months (TRV). Depending on your motivation for visiting Canada, there are various sorts of visas within this category. The Canadian Visitor Visa, sometimes referred to as a Canadian Tourist Visa, is one of these categories.

The Canada Tourist Visa is a temporary resident visa that permits the holder to travel to Canada for a variety of reasons, including tourism, vacations, and visiting family.

You can travel to a Canadian port of entry and request permission to enter the nation if you have a Canada tourist visa. Based on your documentation and circumstances, the Border Patrol Officers have the authority to admit or deny you entry. You will be permitted to pass the port of entry and start your vacation or family stay in Canada if you have been granted a visitor visa to Canada and the authorities determine that you do not have any criminal intents.

What are the documents required for a Canada tourist visa?

You will need to provide the following paperwork in order to apply for a tourist visa to as a part of Canada tourist visa requirements:

  •  Standard prerequisites for a visa to Canada.
  • An application form for a tourist visa to Canada.
  • To demonstrate that you have the funds required for the travel to Canada, providing bank or other financial statements.
  • A travel schedule, if you have already purchased your airline tickets, or simply an explanation of your plans for your time in Canada.
  • A letter of invitation from your family or friends for a Canada visa if you're going to be visiting them.
  • If you are seeing your family, provide evidence of the relationship.
  • if you are travelling to see family or friends, their immigration status.
  • If you are visiting friends or family, bring bank statements or other financial documents.
  • A letter of declaration from you to the Canadian government outlining your requests for a tourist visa.
  • Two pictures that are acceptable under Canada's photo requirements.
  • A letter from your company declaring that you have contractual commitments to complete and that you must return to your home country, as well as proof of your work or educational status in the form of a résumé or diplomas.
  • A lease, property deed, or other document demonstrating your transitory nature and your intention to leave Canada once your visit is over is acceptable forms of proof.
  • Evidence that you don't intend to work or study in Canada
  • Court records that attest to your lack of criminal background.


What is the process to apply for Canada Tourist Visa?

Apart from the above-mentioned Canada Tourist Visa requirements, you as the applicant must complete a number of forms and stages before you can begin the Canada tourist Visa application process. The following describes how to apply for a visiting visa to Canada:

  1. Verify your eligibility for a visitor visa to Canada.
  2. Complete the paperwork needed for a tourist visa to Canada.
  3. Submit the Canada Tourist Visa Application form.
  4. Wait for processing to complete and if required respond to further information requests.
  5. Post a stamp request in your passport.

Depending on each individual circumstance, the Canadian Consulate determines how long to grant you a tourist visa for Canada. There are circumstances when they only issue the visa for that timeframe that you wish to visit Canada, and then there are other cases when they give you the visa till your passport expires. It all relies on whether or not they think you'll go back to your own country. You are not permitted to remain in Canada for longer than 6 months at a time, regardless of how long your tourist visa is valid. Therefore, you must go back to your place of origin after six months, reside there for a while, and then come to Canada again for another six months.

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